Colts World Percussion.

Colts World Percussion is a program designed to offer easy access for young students to quickly learn an instrument and experience success in a group music ensemble. From this entry point, our belief is we can draw students to other instruments and opportunities in their school bands. Studies have shown children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies, more advanced reading skills, and higher math scores. We believe Colts World Percussion can reach students outside of those who participate in traditional music programs, and welcome those who may be unable to participate because of instrument fees and other barriers.

Colts World Percussion will include Latin percussion, African drum circles, Japanese Taiko drumming, urban percussion, as well as steel drums. The Colts already had a steel drum ensemble dating back to 2006. Adding additional genres such as African, Latin, and Japanese drumming will create a program with more variety and sustainability. By providing instruments to children who often don’t have access, we can offer an opportunity for expression and self-discovery that can often be missing in an atmosphere of economic hardship. This is the first program of its kind being offered to young people in the Dubuque community.

World Percussion Instruments

The Colts Youth Organization founded PanrhythmiX in the fall of 2006 to support of the vision of Prescott Elementary School as a fine arts magnet. The vision of the program was to provide an opportunity for participating students to learn a musical instrument quickly, and begin to experience success as performers while learning about music, multiculturalism and history. In 2009, Pandemonium was added to allow middle school students to continue in the steel drum program.

A complete steel drum orchestra was provided, in addition to classroom pan drums for music class ("Jumbie Jams"), allowing every student at Prescott to learn to play. Both groups rehearsed at Prescott Elementary, and were instructed by Patti Millius, then the Prescott Elementary School music teacher. PanrhythmiX was uniquely a Prescott program, but students from throughout Dubuque and area communities were able to play in Pandemonium.

Colts Summer Pans performance

Watch for additional information and Colts World Percussion schedule to be announced in the coming weeks. Colts World Percussion is directed by Alan Kiser, For more information, please contact the Colts office. Partners in our mission include the City of Dubuque, DRA, Mark & Cheryl Falb, and the Iowa Arts Council.