Our mission.

We use music & excellence to teach each other about success in life.

Our vision.

A world where the synergy of music and performance, education and commitment, teamwork and personal growth reveals each individual’s full potential, to build community leaders who impact their world for good.

Our values.

EDUCATION: Our passion for growth at all levels propels us forward. We are the catalyst for a lifetime of learning, and our process builds a foundation for young adults to be self-sufficient and resilient through all kinds of adversity.

RESPECT: We embrace the uniqueness of everyone regardless of background, culture or perspective. It’s an unshakable value we’ve held dear for six decades, and it’s the driving force behind our commitment to treating everyone with dignity and kindness.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We value integrity and hold ourselves and each other to be responsible for every word and action. We stand shoulder to shoulder, knowing that our strength comes from our unity in everything we do and say.

INNOVATION: We constantly strive to be better and stretch further at every opportunity. We embrace and encourage the creative transformation that comes through broad perspectives, imagination and boundary-free thinking.

SUCCESS: These values, when woven into the fabric of our shared culture, define our achievement as an organization, and help create a world that’s left better than what we found.