Welcome To #WarehouseWednesday

December 7, 2016

Warehouse Picture

Since early October, the Colts have been fully operational out of their new building at 2300 Twin Valley Drive. Because the offices are not finished, all work is being done from inside the warehouse in a very modern, open floor plan design (pictured at left). This current set up is just temporary, and the projected timeline to finish all construction is May 1. But, like any good project, it will never fully be done and there will always be things to improve upon. Various stages are already being planned for the building in the future, including leveling the cement pads in the parking lot, a grant for solar panels, a movie screen, and more. Thank you to every parent, member, alum, and volunteer who has helped in the moving and construction so far! The Colts are truly thankful to have such a wonderful support system. This project wouldn't be possible without you!

Construction is still underway, but is going smoothly. Earlier this week, the framing around the boardroom was finished and new cement was poured in the basement to finish the plumbing project for the second bathroom. Other exciting things off the to-do list have been moving the entryway stairs, drywalling of the upstairs bathroom, framing of the upstairs offices, and assembling of the final shelving units. The next projects to finish will be the loft office and atrium area outside the boardroom. To view updated pictures from the construction, you can CLICK HERE.

This fall has been an exciting time for the organization and has shifted how the Colts operate in many ways. By having all vehicles on one site, loading and unloading for camps has gone far smoother. Cleaning vehicles and organizing all the miscellaneous parts for vehicles has also become a much simpler job. The move has also allowed the Colts to take a close look at all processes related to the organization. One process that is undergoing change is printing, with steps being taken to reduce the amount of paper used by the organization. Additionally, having a 9,000 square feet warehouse has allowed both staff and volunteers to take a full look at everything the Colts owns and gain a far better understanding of new items to purchase and what items there are more than enough of. For example, so far 27 hammers have been found in the process of moving and organizing the tool shelves.

The sale of the Colts Center, located at 1101 Central Avenue, to the City of Dubuque will be complete very soon. The agreement to purchase the Colts Center was the first step in a multi-million dollar expansion and remodeling of the Multicultural Family Center. The expansion will include additional meeting space, presentation areas and office suites, and will allow the center to meet the needs of the city as Dubuque continues to grow.

To celebrate the move and showcase all the new and exciting features of the warehouse, a new campaign titled #WarehouseWednesday is starting on Colts social media. Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. New updates will be posted every Wednesday!

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