Colts Homeroom; 2020 Online Summer Curriculum; Refine. Connect. Prepare.

Welcome to the Colts Homeroom — a 16-week drum corps workout designed to help you develop your performance and movement skills, stay engaged with other participants, and gain the skills to excel once auditions begin for the 2021 season.

Open To Anyone!

Colts Homeroom is open to Colts, Colt Cadets, and anyone excited to keep their drum corps drive alive throughout the summer! All musicians and performers can improve their skills with both an ADVANCED and FUNDAMENTAL curriculum developed and taught by the Colts and Colt Cadets instructional teams.

Curriculum for Brass, Percussion, and Guard includes weekly lessons/assignments in music and technique, visual (movement and expression), and physical fitness. We use Google Classroom to communicate lesson plans and provide instructional feedback. Assignments are paced for continued development for a student at any level of ability. Lessons are posted on Monday of each week and due on Sunday each week. Completion of the assignments is not mandatory, but, like most things in life, you'll gain the most benefit with a solid commitment.

Advanced And Fundamental Curriculums Available

Colts Homeroom offers new content each week from April 6 through July 26. The cost is a $400 enrollment fee (complimentary to 2021 Colts members).

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Enrollment is rolling, so you can sign up anytime. Lessons and assignments remain in Google Classroom throughout the summer, so even if you join after April 6, those opportunities will be available to you. Feedback is provided as you complete each assignment.

Supplemental Opportunities Available to Students

Mondays, 10 AM (CDT) | Weekly Warm-up (Physical Activity)
Wednesdays, 7 PM (CDT) | Midweek Music (Theory and Composition Conversations)
Fridays, 10 AM (CDT) | Breathing Exercises (Fitness and Musicianship)
Plus additional sessions monthly, including the opportunity for one-on-one lessons!


Q: How do I sign up and pay?
To sign up, fill out the registration form. Then, you can pay the registration fee on the Colts Mall.

Q: How do I know if I should sign up for the Advanced or Fundamental classroom?
Our corps directors will work with each individual student to understand personal goals and the best placement for participation. We are in this with you each step of the way!

Q: What online platform do you use?
We use Google Classroom for lessons organized by section and instrument. The Colts staff will guide and work with students with strong skill sets — this is our ADVANCED curriculum. For developing students, often younger in age, the Colt Cadets instructional team has prepared a FUNDAMENTAL track with a unique, specific curriculum to assist new or developing students with an appropriate pace for any individual’s personal growth.

Q: What happens after I submit my payment?
Pending your interest in our ADVANCED (Colts) or FUNDAMENTAL (Colt Cadets) classes, one of our corps directors will reach out to you personally (Vicki or Rich We will then invite you to our Colts Homeroom inside of Google Classroom. You will need a Google account to join the Colts Homeroom. This will need to be separate from any Google account provided to you by your school. You will also be invited to join our Colts Homeroom Facebook page, where you can learn from other participants, ask general questions, and "hang out" with like-minded souls in the absence of a summer tour.

Q: Can I use account credits or sponsor payments to participate?
Yes! Please contact Rich to work out your unique situation.

Q: Can I sign up for part of the program?
We have designed a 16-week program and encourage you to engage in every opportunity available. We do not have a prorated plan, as a student engaged for even a month will have access to all materials/lessons and involved staffing. If you have a unique circumstance, please contact Vicki or Rich with your individual situation and we will see what we can do to assist.

Q: Are the assignments mandatory? Does it hurt my chances of membership if I miss or skip certain assignments?
It’s definitely in your best interest to participate in all opportunities available, but there are no real consequences for not submitting a lesson. The better question might be, “What if I do really well?” You will have familiarity with our staff and current membership to put you in the best position possible in order to have success at an audition this fall.

Q: Do I need to be available at specific times?
Nope! We will have special events for comradery and instruction at given times, but these are supplemental to the weekly lessons you submit at a time that works best for you.

Q: What if I decide to join after April 6?
Anyone is welcome! Our registration has a rolling enrollment. If you join late, you will still have access to all of the same lessons, instruction and feedback as if you joined the first day. Colts Homeroom students have unique access to specific live events, so while it’s easiest to join early, you can catch up with our recordings inside Google Classroom.

Q: What if I can't participate for a week or two during the timeline?
We can work with your schedule! The great part of Colts Homeroom is the flexibility for any schedule. Assignments are posted regularly, and you can submit any exercises late and receive the same feedback. Catch up when you can! Of course, the lessons are paced and timed for weekly interaction, but there are no “punishments” for late assignments.

Q: What are the objectives?
The objective is to help any student maintain, improve and refine their drum corps skills inside an interactive online community. Our focus is targeted to areas of musical, visual and physical development while maintaining healthy and interactive activities coordinated by professionals from April through July. We intend for student participants to be prepared, engaged and ready to shine during the 2021 audition season.

Q: What if I'm undecided about auditioning for a DCI corps in 2021?
By participating in the Colts Homeroom, there is no obligation to audition for the Colts or any other corps. Participation WILL help improve your skills for auditions whenever that time comes — with the Colts or any other corps. Even if your plans are not to audition for a drum corps, our staff will guide your continued development so you return to your own school or marching program as a stronger contributor.

Q: If I’ve been a Colts member and have used Google Classroom since January, what do I do?
The current Colts member classroom will continue through July 26 with additional assignments and expanded curriculum specific to our 2021 program. Keep up the great work!

Q: What equipment/space is required?
Our hope is that you have your own instrument. But if you need one, we can help! Just let us know any assistance you might need by emailing Vicki or Rich with any concerns. There are some visual lessons you may want to do outside, but we can work with pretty much any limitation. The best thing to do with any individual concern is to email us and let us help you resolve any questions.

Q: Why are you doing Colts Homeroom?
The Colts mission states, “We use music and excellence to teach each other about success in life.” Our organization accomplishes this mission by pairing great teachers with great students. While we have utilized an educational online series with our members in the past, the current national situation allows us the opportunity to share these educators and curriculum in a similar manner with any interested student. Following a number of requests, and spurred by our own desire to ensure our members are able to improve skill sets and physical fitness from their own homes, we have rebranded our existing opportunities to share with the world. We are excited to continue serving the marching arts community — from our house to yours!

Have other questions? Send us an email!