Hall Of Fame Class Of 2022 Honored At Music On The March

September 7, 2022

Colts Hall Of Fame

The Colts Youth Organization welcomed five outstanding individuals into the Colts Hall of Fame with the selection of the Class of 2022. People who worked behind the scenes are well represented along with a member of our national championship color guard.

Roger Driscoll answered the call in 1979 beginning a long tenure of volunteerism in which he would lead the Colts Parents & Booster Club as president, serve one year on the Colts Corporate Board, and also lead the Colt Cadets as director from 1984-1986. Roger was instrumental in producing and organizing fundraisers and he often worked the Colts Bingo to help keep the corps financially stable.

Frank Pierce was beloved by the members, first as one of their bus drivers, and later as driver of the equipment truck for many years. Frank had an ability to make emergency repairs to a 20-year-old bus in the middle of the night, and would often take vehicles to the shop during the day allowing the drivers to get some extra sleep. He built the foundation for many of the same routing strategies used today.

Jeanne Scott was critical in the design, development and sewing of every corps flag used on the field for many years. She was truly an artisan in her craft. John Scott was often there in the sewing room assisting with patterns or endlessly ironing. If not with the Thread Team, John was often in the kitchen where he maintained the skills of a head cook although he never accepted the title. Jeanne and John volunteered for many years beyond the participation of their daughter.

Every time a rifle was in her hand, during individual practice time, group rehearsals or performances, Joanie (McCann) Vasquez gave everything she had to becoming the best performer she could be. That total commitment to being the best was evident to those who marched with her, instructed her, and watched her perform. Joanie took that determination to the next level by becoming an instructor to high school students at several locations.

Please join us in honoring this amazing group of individuals who have dedicated so many years to the Colts Youth Organization. Our congratulations to all!

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