Colts Seeking Applications For Employment

March 3, 2022

The Colts Youth Organization is inviting interested individuals to submit an online application and resume to share with us how they can help move the organization to even greater good. Colts employment offers flexibility, an opportunity to have a significant voice in the room, and an attractive benefits package for full-time employees. We anticipate hiring two full-time employees in the next couple of months, although the desires of candidates may determine if some roles are best suited to part-time employment. Some positions will require relocation to Dubuque, while other assignments may be suitable for completion offsite and/or out-of-state.

None of the job functions on our list are individually a full-time position. Based on the skillsets of each applicant, a blend of duties can be combined to create a full-time job description. In other instances, one task may be all that’s required for part-time employment with the number of hours determined by employee availability and our current budget.

The Colts offer full-time employees a benefits package that includes a competitive wage based on the applicant’s skills and experience, a 3% match on any employee contributions made to our company-sponsored Simple IRA, and full health insurance coverage for the individual employee which currently includes short-term disability and a monthly contribution to the employee’s Health Savings Account.


There are many seasonal roles available for the Colts and Colt Cadets summer tours. All candidates should use this application portal to express their interest in working with the Colts.


The Colts are seeking a drum corps savvy operations person to assist with the duties of preparing both the Colts and Colt Cadets for summer tour. This role would include, but not be limited to, offseason recruiting, audition management, member communications, camp coordination, and summer housing. Based on the qualifications and availability of the applicant, this position could be a full-time assistant director working out of the Dubuque office, or a summer tour administrator for the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps, or a position offering corps support for all programs throughout the year in combination with a myriad of other daily duties. The application will allow you to specify how you would best fulfill this role.


The Colts Drum & Bugle Corps seeks an experienced sound production engineer and additional support team members. These roles are specifically for the Colts summer tour. Assistant producers will report to the lead engineer. The lead engineer will work closely with the brass and percussion caption heads. The sound team is responsible for the assembly, operation and maintenance of the technical equipment used to amplify, balance and enhance the Colts sound during summer rehearsals and performances. Experience with wireless equipment is vital to the success of the lead engineer.


There is so much variety here that we hardly expect a single individual to possess all the skills essential to the multitude of tasks. But, hey, that’s why we’re casting a wide net for these open positions. These duties can certainly be crafted into a full-time salaried position, or the tasks may be parceled out to various individuals in part-time roles.

Here are some of the skills and software-specific experience we’re looking for in this (these) applicant(s):

  • Creativity; The ability to write and create content for social media posts, email newsletters, and website news
  • Current understanding of, and strategy for, using social media channels
  • The ability to both take direction and also work independently (especially when developing social media content)
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and, ideally, Premiere Pro); We maintain subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Website maintenance and/or design
  • Familiarity with Salesforce and/or Dreamweaver; Coding experience beneficial; You don’t always have to know, but can you be really good at finding an answer? (Google and YouTube are tremendous resources!)
  • Photo and video skills are a huge bonus; It would be great (but not required) if you have your own equipment to get started; The Colts will provide your computer and any necessary software
  • Work with the executive director in the creation and production of email newsletters
  • Work with the drum corps directors on recruiting and program announcements
  • On the application, be sure to check all skills and/or interests that apply to you.


    The Colts are looking for a detail-oriented individual to handle accounting duties. This is the bulk of a full-time position and requires the employee to live in the tri-state area and work onsite at the Colts warehouse. Knowledge of QuickBooks, while not required, is certainly a plus. Bookkeeping duties make up approximately 60-70% of the job. We expect the remainder of the job may include fulfillment of online ticket sales and merchandise, tracking donations in Salesforce, assisting with our online store, and other tasks related to finances. It’s also possible the remaining duties could be tailored to match individual skills. For example, if an applicant is fluent in QuickBooks and can also code a website, we will redefine the total job description to fit the candidate!

    The successful candidate should enjoy meticulous detail and be highly organized. You don’t need to have the financial acumen of a CPA, per se, but you take great pride in your outcomes being consistent and tidy. Some weekend work is required, and the summer days can string together to the point where you may forget what day it is, but you usually know where the corps is performing that night! The ability to work well in a small group environment is critical. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply to join our team!


    The Colts own a fleet of vehicles including two motorcoaches, an entertainer bus, a semi tractor and three trailers, four passenger vans, a dually pickup, two UTVs, and a variety of utility trailers — not to mention our 1997 Ford Club Wagon that just won’t quit. Our warehouse has a semi bay that can house one tractor-trailer combination to go along with 9,000+ square feet of storage space. Keeping everything organized and in DOT compliance is essential to maintaining an efficient operation. This employee would work onsite in Dubuque, and would be best complemented by another summer tour role when the warehouse is quiet and the fleet is on the road.


    The Colts operate four DCI summer tour events along with offseason camps and occasional fundraising events. This is a less than 50% role that could be combined with others to make a full-time position or could be seasonal part-time. The events coordinator will work closely with the executive director and our various agencies who operate on the ground in Ankeny, Olathe and Cedar Rapids. They will work closely with the corps directors in managing our offseason recruiting events and camps. Let us know how you can take our events to a new level.


    The organization is planning to build off its Colts Summer Pans steel drum ensemble and create a more multi-disciplinary Colts World Percussion program. This initiative is in its early stages and the world percussion coordinator can really help mold the curriculum and become the fulcrum of the ensemble with our various constituents.

    We have had preliminary discussions with people at the City of Dubuque to launch Colts World Percussion in conjunction with the Multicultural Family Center, and we're excited to build on that relationship as the program takes shape. Colts World Percussion is intended to offer an easy access point to kids in underserved areas of Dubuque, and provide a simpler path to performance without requiring advanced musical training.

    The world percussion coordinator should be highly motivated and energetic to engage a young audience. Formal percussion training is preferred but not required. This position could be part-time, onsite (in Dubuque), or could potentially be a full-time position when combined with other duties indicated on the application.


    The Colts will employ two Certified Athletic Trainers throughout spring training and will travel on tour with at least one CAT professional at all times. Colt Cadets also require a medical professional to be with them as they travel. The Colts are “in session” from Memorial Day weekend through DCI Championships in August. The Colt Cadets tour throughout five Midwest states for the first two weeks of July, and then the Open Class tour picks up in late July and leads them into DCI Championships in Indianapolis.


    We have limited openings for our summer instructional teams. Please submit an application if you are interested in teaching so we have your information as opportunities become available.


    The Colts and Colt Cadets begin to work on show ideas shortly after DCI Championships each year. If you would like to be considered for a position on the design team of one of our DCI corps, please submit an application for 2023.

    Use this link to SUBMIT AN APPLICATION. We are excited to have you as part of the Red Team!

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