We Must Be The Change. Together.

June 1, 2020

The Board of Directors and staff of the Colts Youth Organization are united in our sadness of the heartbreaking events of the past week. We stand with all those who are working to achieve a racially just society, and against those who perpetuate and uphold racism, hatred, bigotry and violence.

We take pride in how we’ve influenced the lives of young people to become positive leaders in their communities. Each year, we teach our members how to become comfortable being uncomfortable, and now is the time for uncomfortable conversations. We do not have the answers — but we’re committed, as a Board and as human beings, to having the conversations necessary to create real change.

Moving forward, we will continue to learn and grow to become part of the solution, and we encourage you to join us. Be a part of the conversation, and hold us accountable. Black lives matter, and we recognize that it will take all of us working together to make a difference. With your help, we can, and will, do more.

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