Bethany Olson Selected As Colts 2020 Drum Major

March 18, 2020

Bethany Olson

The Colts are proud to announce Bethany Olson as a drum major for 2020. Bethany joined the Colts in 2018 as a member of the color guard. Currently, Bethany is working to earn a degree in music education at the University of Northern Iowa, and she plans to graduate in May 2021.

"I've wanted to be a music educator since the 8th grade," Bethany said. "I stuck with it, and my mind has never changed from that point on. Through high school, my band director guided me to get into more leadership positions, and I even conducted my high school concert band a couple times."

While Bethany's first year in drum corps was 2018, she wasn't originally expecting to audition.

"I knew somebody in college who marched drum corps, and I never thought I personally could get to that point," Bethany said. "I texted my mom and asked her to force me to save money so I could audition. She texted me back and said 'I just registered you to audition with the Colts in a month.' And, I ended up getting a spot."

Besides marching with the Colts, Bethany's previous experience includes four years in her high school's winter guard program and four years in its marching band, serving two of those years as drum major. She also participated in concert band, playing the flute. At the University of Northern Iowa, Bethany is continuing her flute studies, and she has also spent three years in the winter guard program, three years in the marching band's color guard, and one year in the marching band on tuba.

Bethany will join current drum major Alayna Verduyn this summer, and Bethany said she's looking forward to the opportunity.

"I'm really excited to be drum major with Alayna," Bethany said. "I know she's really strong, and I aspire to be as strong so I can lead the corps as well as she does."

Bethany and Alayna shared the field in 2018, and Alayna said she is excited to make the transition to drum major with Bethany.

"I feel like our dynamic as a team will be different than the previous drum majors in a way that our current membership hasn’t seen," Alayna said. "I’m excited to really figure out what our leadership style will be. Bethany will be an excellent leader to the corps with her musical knowledge and shining personality."

Colts Director Vicki MacFarlane said she was ecstatic to have Bethany on the podium.

"Her abilities conducting and interpersonally are outstanding," Vicki said. "She is an incredible leader with an abundance of life spirit. I feel so proud of the incredible duo Alayna and Bethany make together."

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