January Camp Weather Update

January 16, 2020

The Colts are set to host their January camp beginning Friday at the Five Flags Center in downtown Dubuque. There is some snow moving through the midwest on Friday, so please make the best decision for you depending on your path of travel. Your membership status in the drum corps will not be affected if you are unable to attend camp due to travel concerns. We have a large number of flights coming in so we will continue to have camp for those that have the ability to make the trip.

If you arrive in Dubuque earlier than 5:00 PM on Friday, you are free to stop at the Colts Warehouse, 2300 Twin Valley Drive, Dubuque, IA 52003. If you need to be dropped off at any point during the day, we will make sure you have transportation to Five Flags before the start of camp. If you would need to arrive before 9:00 AM on Friday, please contact Aidan Connolly, Director of Media & Events, at aidan@colts.org or 563.320.9492, or Vicki MacFarlane, Colts Director, at colts@colts.org or 563.564.9016.

Dubuque is in the path to receive anywhere from 3–6 inches of snow throughout the day on Friday depending on which weather service you turn to for information. Please take the usual precautions for driving in winter weather by packing some extra food, water, and blankets in your vehicle. Avoid unnecessary lane changes, and allow much more distance between you and the car ahead of you.*

The outlook for Sunday travel from Dubuque is much better, although temperatures are expected to fall into the single digits. We will have plenty of jumper cables available if your car has trouble starting on Sunday. Please bring a hat and gloves, as frigid temperatures are anticipated during loading time on Sunday afternoon — especially if you are in the front ensemble. We will have extra gloves on site as well.

If you are scheduled to come to camp and and will be arriving late or have to cancel because of the weather, or for any other reason, please notify Aidan Connolly, Director of Media & Events, or Vicki MacFarlane, Colts Director, to let us know your plans have changed. Click here to view the full list of contact information. Thank you!

Parents are welcome to attend! We have plenty of tasks to keep busy including cooking, sewing, and a few construction projects at the Colts Warehouse. A parent meeting will begin Friday night at 8:45 PM. We will conclude camp with a performance by all sections in attendance beginning at 1:00 PM on Sunday.

REMINDER: New attendees should bring a completed medical form to check in. Returning students, don’t forget to bring your audition shirt.

We’re looking forward to an exciting weekend and a lot of growth for the drum corps!

*Tips from the AAA website.

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