Colts Announce Visual Instructional Team For 2020

October 1, 2019

The Colts are excited to announce their visual instructional team for 2020. The team will be led by Colts alumnus and Visual Caption Head Jack Borland. The team will be a combination of new and familiar faces, creating a strong and dynamic team while maintaining a high level of consistency for the organization and the member experience.

“What has me so excited about this team is the personalities we have assembled," said Visual Caption Head Jack Borland. "The knowledge, the experience, the eager approach to teamwork — all of that is there. But to me, those attributes can only be maximized when you’re able to tap into that often-elusive sense of chemistry. I can tell we’re in for a very special season of collaborating and learning from one another.”

Joining the team as instructors for 2020 will be Sarah Rodgers, Conner Arndt, Ben Grimshaw, and David Haven. Returning to the Colts for 2020 will be Jeff Duffy, Bridget Fleming, Ben Eades, and Paige Schneweis.

Click here to view the full bios for the 2020 Colts visual team.

"I keep telling Jack welcome home!" said Colts Director Vicki MacFarlane. "The conversations, definition, and planning that is happening has us all very excited for the new season."

2020 Audition Information
Make plans to audition and become a member of the 2020 Colts! Audition weekends will be November 22 - 24 and December 27 - 29 in Dubuque, Iowa, with more dates and locations being released soon. You can click here to RSVP for a Dubuque audition date. Audiiton packets for the 2020 season are available! To receive your audition packet, please submit an Information Request.

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