Colts Announce New Partnership With Ultimate Drill Book

May 3, 2019

The Colts Youth Organization and Ultimate Drill Book are excited to continue their partnership for 2019 and beyond. UDB is at the forefront of incorporating technology into the marching arts. Through the UDB app, students, staff, and designers are able to have the most updated drill charts with them at all times. By combining traditional styles of learning drill with the most modern technology available, UDB allows for a heightened learning experience for every student. Every student in Colts and Colt Cadets is also provided with a pre-printed dot book for dots, music, and any special notes about the drill sets. Learn more about Ultimate Drill Book online at


"I love our relationship with Ultimate Drill Book," said Colts Director Vicki MacFarlane. "The impact the tools have on our students are profound. The members love learning with UDB and the staff loves teaching with it. The program is incredibly easy to use, but it's also had the most significant impact on the learning process I've seen in the past decade. Last year, we were able to start using the program with Colts, and everyone is very excited to be able to use the program at an even higher level this year."


"I think Ultimate Drill Book will be a game changer for the Colt Cadets this year," said Colt Cadets Director Andrew Eaton. "I'm looking forward to seeing our members and staff dive into the program. We are all advocates for UDB. A majority of our members are in high school marching band and will be able to bring the things they learn through UDB back to their band programs at home."


"Partnering with the Colts Youth Organization is a natural fit for us," said Luke Gall at Ultimate Drill Book. "We care deeply about the marching arts, and both the Colts and Colt Cadets consistently provide high quality, positive educational experiences to marchers of all ages. We couldn’t be more proud to be working with Vicki, Andrew, and the entire Colts team!"


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