Colts Announce 2019 Instructional Staff

October 17, 2018

The Colts are excited to announce their entire 2019 instructional staff. There are just a few new faces on the brass, percussion, color guard, and visual teams. These instructors bring with them not only their prior Colts knowledge but also experience from a wide rage of backgrounds spanning several decades of performing, designing, adjudicating, and instructing within the marching arts for groups at various levels.


Returning to the brass team for 2019 will be Tom Lizotte, Justin Diaz, Matthew Lagarde, Michael Miller, Steve Lyons, and David Abrams, as well as Brass Caption Head Chad Miller. This will be the team's third year with the Colts. New to the brass team will be Brass Arranger Robert W. Smith, who will be arranging the brass book and also taking an active role in instruction throughout the season. Read the brass team's full bios here.

“Nothing could make me happier than to announce the return of the Colts brass team," said Brass Caption Head Chad Miller. "The brass team's dedication to the developement of their members makes for an incredible experience and they all enjoy working together so much. The synergy of this entire Colts educational team is unmatched, and I cannot wait to be a part of that again.”


Returning to the percussion team for 2019 will be Kent Lineberry, Andrew Barlow, Oliver DeLotto, Kali Ridal, Joshua Montgomery, Benjamin Braude, Andray Edwards, Chelsea Levine, Ryan Carberry, Jake Lyons, Jeremy Gurganious, and Drew Brown, as well as Percussion Caption Head & Battery Arranger Ben Pyles and Front Ensemble Arranger & Electronics Designer Bryan Harmsen. This will be the team's third year with the Colts. New to the Colts for 2019 will be Carlos Botello, Eric Roundy, and TJ Shaheen. Read the percussion team's full bios here.

“We had a plan to stick together since we assembled this team a few years ago," said Percussion Caption Head Ben Pyles. "We want to build a program that all parts can take pride in. We’ve set up an environment for not just our members to grow, but our staff to grow as well. This is an incredible team, with some extremely talented additions. We’re all more than ready to pick right back up where we left off and continue pushing this percussion program to a whole new level.”


Returning to the color guard team for 2019 will be Tony Perez, Luke Babb, Francisco Vadillo, Mitchell Weber, and Caitlin Kellar, as well as Color Guard Caption Head & Designer Jade Bouza, Color Guard Designer Carlos Escobar-Dyer, and Movement Specialist Matt Winans. This will be the team's second year with the Colts. Read the color guard team's full bios here.

"I'm so excited to have this team back together!" said Color Guard Caption Head Jade Bouza. "We had so much fun last year working together and working with the members, and I'm very excited for us to continue pushing the color guard program to the next level."


Returning to the visual team for 2019 will be Alan Smith, Christina Duffy, Jeff Duffy, Jack Fry, Preston Ridgell, James Lazaro, Eduardo Mora, Ben Eades, and Nicole Younger, as well as Visual Caption Head David Catogni and Assistant Visual Caption Head Ian Jeffrey. This will be the team's third year with the Colts. New to the Colts for 2019 will be Chris Ramey and Guy Mavinga, along with Colts alumni Paige Schneweis and Bridget Fleming. Read the visual team's full bios here.

"The visual team has so many strong educators with a wide variety of experiences," said Visual Caption Head David Catogni. "Having the same team for the third year in a row, along with a few new faces, will really allow us to double-down on the fundamentals and technique. I'm looking forward to jumping into everything starting in November."


"I'm so proud of this team," said Colts Director Vicki MacFarlane. "The manner in which they care for our members and the enjoyment we all have working together is profound. This is truly a special group of people."


2019 Audition Information
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