Colts Announce 2018 Program

May 9, 2018

Success is an intangible pursuit — often a matter of personal definition, and relative to where we are in life. Do we find success in our accomplishments? Or is success defined by the riches we attain, or the things that surround us and make us feel complete? Success can be elusive as the destination seems to change as we move through time. So how do we know when we get there? How can one arrive to a place they know today, but is no longer in view when they search again later? The 2018 Colts present the quest of the True Believer.

2018 Colts Production

The Colts will debut their 2018 production, along with the Colt Cadets, at the 8th Annual Colts Summer Premiere on Friday, June 22, at the University of Dubuque Chalmers Field. The competitive season begins on June 23 in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and concludes August 9 - 11 at the Drum Corps International World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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2018 Colts Production

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2018 Colts Production

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