Colts Visual Instructional Team Returns For 2018

November 15, 2017

The Colts are excited to announce that their entire visual instructional team will be returning for the 2018 season. The team will be led by Visual Caption Head Bob Barfield, as well as Visual Desginer Richard Hinshaw and Visual Consultants Daniel Wiles and Dean Broadbent. Daniel will be a major contributor to the visual effects, pacing, and overall design of the visual package, while Dean will focus on both design and implementation throughout the season.

"I am excited to work with this outstanding group of educators again," said Caption Head Bob Barfield. "There is so much potential here at the Colts, and these individuals will shape the future of the organization for years to come!"

Both Alan Smith and David Catogni will be returning for the summer and, in addition to their technician responsibilities, will provide visual instruction for the entire corps from the box throughout the season. Alan has a long history with the Colts, having been a staff member from 1995 to 2001 and in 2017. David joined the Colts mid-season last year, and is excited to be spending more time on the road this summer with the corps.

The visual technicians include Zach Crissman, Mark Donahue, Ian Jeffrey, Christina Duffy, Jack Fry, Preston Ridgell, James Lazaro, Jeff Duffy, and Joshua Balli. This year, Nicole Younger will also be joining the visual team to write and teach many of the movement effects for the entire corps. The team brings with them experience from a wide range of backgrounds, including performing, dancing, designing, instructing, and adjuticating with indoor groups, high school and college programs, and drum corps. They are all very excited to continue building on the successes of the 2017 Colts visual program!

You can view the full bios of the 2018 Colts visual team here.

2018 Audition Information
The Colts will be hosting auditions in Dubuque, St. Louis, Tampa, San Antonio, and Miami this year beginning Thanksgiving weekend. Recalls and rehearsals will continue in Dubuque, San Antonio, and Miami. Students interested in auditioning for the 2018 Colts should click the JOIN! button at the top of the page for more information on how to sign up. To view the full 2018 audition schedule, you can click here.

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