Colts Percussion Team Returns For 2018

November 7, 2017

The Colts are excited to announce that their percussion team will be returning for the 2018 season. The caption will be led by Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger Ben Pyles, and the team brings with them experience from a wide range of backgrounds spanning performing, designing, adjudicating, and instructing with indoor groups, high school programs, and drum corps. They are all very excited to continue building on the successes of the 2017 Colts percussion program.

"Having such a high retention rate for the percussion staff is a true testament to all of the great things happening here at the Colts," said Caption Head Ben Pyles. "There’s something special about this team, and I think we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of our potential. We’re all more than ready to pick right back up where we left off and push this percussion program to a whole new level."

Returning as electronics designer and front ensemble arranger is Bryan Harmsen. Bryan is currently the owner of Visaudio Designs, a company specializing in design for the pagentry arts, and has writing and instructing experience with a number of successful indoor percussion groups, most recently Monarch Percussion, which placed seventh in percussion independent world at the 2017 WGI Championships.

Colts alumnus Kent Lineberry will be again serve in the role of percussion consultant, joined by Andrew Barlow. Both instructors will oversee the musical elements of the percussion program and its fit within the music ensemble.

The battery team includes Oliver DeLotto and Kali Ridal as snare technicians and Benjamin Braude and Aundray Edwards as bass technicians. New to the Colts this year is tenor technician Josh Montgomery. Chelsea Levine and Ryan Carberry will both be returning as cymbal technicians for the season.

The front ensemble will be under the direction of Jake Lyons, with Jeremy Gurganious and Drew Brown as front ensemble technicians. Drew will again be the electronics and audio coordinator during the season, in addition to his technician responsibilities.

You can view the full bios of the 2018 Colts percussion team here.

2018 Audition Information
The Colts will be hosting percussion auditions in Dubuque and San Antonio this year beginning Thanksgiving weekend. Recalls and rehearsals will continue in Dubuque and San Antonio in January. Students interested in auditioning for the 2018 Colts should click the JOIN! button at the top of the page for more information on how to sign up. To view the full 2018 audition schedule, you can click here.

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