Colts Announce 2017 Program

May 10, 2017

"They say... logic makes you think... and emotion makes you act..."

The phyiscal construction of the human brain is very defined:

  • The left side is where all things analytical are derived. Linear. Strategic and categorical. Always in control. Formulas and absolutes. There is no gray area; it's all black and white.
  • The right side is where all things creative are discovered. Movement, passion and emotions. Free spirit, imagination and the feeling of wind beneath your wings. Colors and shades envelope the senses and thoughts.

In reality, the mind does not divide itself in two quite so perfectly. It takes two halves to make the whole, working together to create a complete mind. The duality of the human brain allows us to experience logic and emotion so deeply and simultaneously. There is no doubt that it takes both sides to make us who we are.

The Colts are proud to announce their 2017 program....

2017 Colts Production

The Colts will debut their 2017 production, along with the Colt Cadets, at the 7th Annual Colts Summer Premiere on Friday, June 23 at the Loras College Rock Bowl Stadium. The competitive season begins on June 24 in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and concludes August 10 - 12 at the Drum Corps International World Championships in Indianapolis.


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2017 Colts Production

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2017 Colts Production

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