Colt Cadets Announce 2017 Brass Team

December 14, 2016

The Colt Cadets are proud to announce their brass team for the 2017 season. A combination of new and old faces, many of whom are alumni of the organization, will create a strong and dynamic team. The team will work closely with and be supported by Colt Cadets Director David Alford and the entire Colt Cadets design team.

Leading the brass team will be Caption Head Kara Metzger. Kara is a Colts alumna, having aged out as drum major in the 2015 season. She spent the 2016 season on brass staff with Colt Cadets and is currently the director of bands at Whitman Middle School and associate director of bands at West High School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. This will be Kara's first season as caption head.

"I am extremely excited to continue my journey with the Colts organization and help the Colt Cadet brass program to grow," said Caption Head Kara Metzger. "The combination new and old of staff members creates a team with good chemistry. Each person on this team is a great educator and highly qualified. I am proud to be part of a great team and cannot wait to begin working with the Colt Cadet brass line."

Joining the Colt Cadets brass team will also be Colts alumni Carl Mathwig and Shawn Coleman. Along with teaching brass, Carl will be working on developing and refining the Colt Cadets marching style and providing guidance on the visual components of the show. Returning to the brass team from the 2016 season will be Eric Angeroth Franks. Andrew Eaton will also be an integral part of the brass team for the 2017 season, in addition to his roles as assistant corps director.

"Having Kara return to Colt Cadets in her new role as brass caption head is an incredible opportunity for us," said Colt Cadets Director David Alford. "Additionally, having both Eric and Andrew return to the field as instructors will allow us to provide consistency for the brass members while building and growing the program to the next level. It's an added benefit to have Kara from the same educational background as our program coordinator, Phil Snyder. I'm also very excited for Carl Mathwig to be joining us, especially after he has worked extensively with Phil at his high school program. While we will continue to add instructors to the brass caption, I feel confident with the level of talent and leadership already committed to our program that will ensure 2017 to be an historic year for our corps."

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Colt Cadets 2017 Membership Information
Information for the 2017 Colt Cadets season will be available soon! Rehearsals will start in mid-February on Sunday afternoons.

Students interested in being a part of the Colt Cadets are encouraged to attend a Colts audition camp for the experience and educational aspects.

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