Colt Cadets Announce 2017 Design Team

November 7, 2016

The Colt Cadets are proud to announce the design team for the 2017 season. A combination of new and old faces, many of whom are alumni of the organization, will create a strong and dynamic team. The team will work closely with and be supported by Colt Cadets Director David Alford and Assistant Director Andrew Eaton. This season will also celebrate Colt Cadets' 50th anniversary.

"I couldn't be more excited for the incredible leadership and talent we have on the Colt Cadets design team this year," said Colt Cadets Director David Alford. "Phil Snyder brings the right philosophy and approach to music education and programming that is proven through his years of brass instruction at the Colts. Terry White is an exceptional brass arranger and I'm thrilled he's returning with his successful career in education and composition. Alex Albertson promises to bring success and consistency to a talented percussion section. And, I couldn't be happier to have Mitchell Stolberg returning to the Colts Youth Organization, along with Jessica Dunkel. Their combined years of color guard and dance instruction will prove to be invaluable for the Colt Cadets color guard."

"With this being the corps' 50th anniversary, I'm looking forward to working with this design team to create an educational and entertaining program," said Colt Cadets Assistant Director Andrew Eaton. "Seeing the growth in the corps over my past 10 seasons on staff has been truly rewarding, and I believe this team will be able to provide a strong foundation for the corps looking into the future. The combination of experienced and skilled designers, along with a high number of Colts alumni, will create a unique and powerful educational environment for the students."

Leading the design team will be Program Coordinator and Visual Designer Phil Snyder. Phil is an alumnus of the Colts, having aged out on trumpet in 2004. He has been on brass staff with the Colts for several years since, most recently from 2014 to 2016. Phil is an active designer, adjudicator and band director in Minnesota.

Returning to the Colt Cadets design team will be Brass Arranger Terry White and Percussion Arranger Alex Albertson. Terry has been the brass arranger for the Colt Cadets since 2012 and is excited to continue writing for the corps. He currently resides in Maine, where he is an active arranger, composer and performer for several groups in the area, including the Portland Jazz Orchestra. Alex Albertson is also an alumnus of the Colts, having aged out of the front ensemble in 2011. Alex has been on Colt Cadets staff since 2012, and is currently a music teacher at Logan-Magnolia Community Schools in Logan, Iowa. Alex will also be percussion caption head for the 2017 season.

Color Guard Caption Head and Designer Mitchell Stolberg will lead the color guard with support from Color Guard Supervisor Jessica Dunkel. Both are alumni of the Colts color guard program. Mitchell is an adjunct dance professor at Rockford University and an active performer with the Bad Wolf Dance Theatre. Jessica is entering her ninth season on staff with the Colt Cadets and is currently a part-time technician with the Downers Grove South High School marching band.

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Colt Cadets 2017 Membership Information
Information for the 2017 Colt Cadets season will be available soon! Rehearsals will start in mid-February on Sunday afternoons.

Students interested in being a part of the Colt Cadets are encouraged to attend a Colts audition camp for the experience and educational aspects.

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