Colts Announce 2017 Visual Team

October 31, 2016

The Colts are pleased to announce their visual staff for the 2017 season. The team will be led by Caption Head Bob Barfield and Visual Designer Ralph Stewart. This will be Bob's first year with the Colts, but he brings with him over 30 years instructing, designing and adjudicating within the marching arts. Ralph Stewart will join the Colts again as visual designer, writing the drill for the corps. Dean Broadbent will assist the visual caption, as well as the color guard caption, contributing to the visual effects, pacing, and overall design of the visual package. All three have worked with Program Coordinator Howard Weinstein in various capacities before.

Joining Bob as instructors for the summer will be Adriel Rodriguez, Chris Turner, Zack Crissman, Christina Scocchera, Jack Fry, Preston Ridgell, James Lazaro, and Jeff Duffy. Returning to the Colts will be Mark Donahue and Ian Jeffrey.

CLICK HERE to view an updated 2017 staff list with bios for the visual team members.

Colts 2017 Membership Information
The Colts 2017 membership brochure is now available online. CLICK HERE to view a PDF of the 2017 Membership Information.

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