Updates On The New Colts Building

September 21, 2016

The past month has been filled with many late nights and busy weekends as the Colts work to finish the demolition phase and move everything from the old downtown office to the new warehouse and office. Thank you to every parent, member, alum, and volunteer who has helped in the demolition and moving so far! The Colts are truly thankful to have such a wonderful support system.

The sale of the Colts Center, located at 1101 Central Avenue, to the City of Dubuque will be complete very soon. The agreement to purchase of the Colts Center was the first step in a multi-million dollar expansion and remodeling of the Multicultural Family Center. The expansion will include additional meeting space, presentation areas, and office suites.

The Colts are moving to 2300 Twin Valley Drive, former home of Key City Moving & Storage, in the Key West area of Dubuque. The new facility includes a warehouse, office space, and ample parking for all vehicles. For years, the Colts have leased or been given permission to park their vehicles on numerous lots around the city. The organization currently owns four motor coaches, two semi trailers and a tractor, five vans, and numerous small trailers. Within the warehouse, shelves will line the perimeter and provide space to store all equipment, souvenirs, surplus food, and archives in a secure and temperature controlled location. The office area will hold four offices, a boardroom, and two restrooms.

Starting October 1, the Colts will begin the building phase to completely renovate the office and boardroom areas.

You can view pictures of the moving and demolition phases HERE.

The Colts will completely move into the new facility starting the first week of October. Be sure to stop by and check out the new Colts Center!

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