Colts Announce 2017 Music Design Team

September 14, 2016

The Colts Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce the music design team for the 2017 season. A combination of new and old faces will be writing the music for the production, under the direction of Program Coordinator Howard Weinstein, who is returning for his second season with the Colts. Joining Howard will be Marty McCartt (brass arranger), Ben Pyles (percussion caption head and battery arranger), David Nelson (front ensemble arranger) and Bryan Harmsen (electronics designer).

Marty, David, and Ben will be focusing on writing the music for the 2017 production while Bryan will be focusing on enhancing the production through unique and specially designed sound effects.

Marty McCartt | Brass Arranger
Based in Florida, Marty is a freelance composer and arranger for junior high, high school, and collegiate level concert, marching, and jazz bands. Marty brings with him experience teaching and arranging at all levels, having experience that spans multiple decades. Read Marty's bio HERE.

Ben Pyles | Percussion Caption Head & Battery Arranger
Ben brings experience teaching and performing with ensembles across varying levels, including high school, college band, drum corps, and indoor percussion. His wealth of experience and passion for seeing productions come to life combine to create powerful learning experiences for the groups he instructs. Read Ben's bio HERE.

David Nelson | Front Ensemble Arranger
Returning for his seventh season with the Colts, David brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience arranging and teaching for outdoor ensembles, having been an active arranger, designer, and instructor for the past 20 years. Read David's bio HERE.

Bryan Harmsen | Electronics Designer
Bryan comes to the Colts from South Carolina and is the owner of Visaudio Designs, a company specializing in design for the pageantry arts. Combining his passion for electronics design and his experience teaching at a world class level, Bryan is able to create unique soundscapes for the ensembles he works with. Read Bryan's bio HERE.

2017 Auditions
Fill out an INFORMATION REQUEST to receive an audition packet for the instrument of your choice. If you have already submitted an Information Request for the 2017 season, an auction packet will be emailed to you very soon.

Visit the Colts website regularly to find out additional information regarding audition camps, travel details, 2017 general membership information, and more!

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