Colts Organization On The Move

June 3, 2016

Not only are the members of the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps on the move as they prepare for the upcoming season, the Colts Youth Organization is making plans to move their offices later this summer. The Colts are working with the City of Dubuque on an agreement to purchase their building at 1101 Central Avenue. If the sale of their current facility becomes finalized, the Colts will move to 2300 Twin Valley Dr., former home of Key City Moving & Storage. While the two have agreed in principle on the City's acquisition, the sale does not become official until the city council takes action at their meeting on Monday, June 6th.

"We are excited for both the future of the Colts and the City of Dubuque as they look to expand the Multicultural Family Center," said Colts Executive Director Jeff MacFarlane. "The new Colts facility would offer much-needed additional storage, and the ability to finally park our fleet of vehicles on our own property."

The summer tours of both the Colts and Colts Cadets require many vehicles to move the students and their instruments down the road. Both groups also have meals prepared by volunteers while on the road. For years, the Colts have leased or been given permission to park their vehicles on numerous lots around the city. The organization currently owns four motor coaches, two semi trailers and a tractor, four vans, and numerous small trailers.

Unfortunately, without a large banquet hall at the new facility the organization will no longer operate their three-nights-per-week bingo games that are run by the Colts Booster Club.

"I played Colts bingo as a kid, so there is part of me that is sad we will no longer have a facility to operate our bingo," said MacFarlane.

The Colts bingo, as well as other charitable bingos in the area, has been impacted by the popularity of the land-based casinos and, more recently, the smoking ban in 2008.

Colts Bingo will host their final bingo on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at which both jackpot prizes will be awarded. Other than the guaranteed jackpots, the evening will be a regular session of bingo.

Pending approval of their agreement with the City of Dubuque, the Colts plan to remodel the new property on Twin Valley Dr. before moving in following their 2016 summer tour.

"Regarding our bingo, I would like to thank everyone who has ever played or volunteered at Colts bingo through the years," said MacFarlane. "There have been hundreds of bingo players these past decades who believed, and still believe, in the mission of the Colts Youth Organization and what we do for kids."

"We use music and excellence to teach each other about success in life." This simple mission drives the organization and ensures its continued success. Colts programs provide motivated young people an opportunity to participate in intensive, accelerated performing arts ensembles, and in the process learn life skills that allow them to grow as future leaders.

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