Colts Move In Scheduled For May 27th

May 24, 2016

The Colts move in and Memorial Day rehearsal weekend will run from 9:00 pm Friday night through Memorial Day morning at Roosevelt Middle School. Camp registration and equipment unloading will begin at 7:00 pm on Friday evening. Following our Memorial Day performances, we will be moving to Loras College and officially starting tour.

Our directions page has specific guidance to Roosevelt Middle School. Directions

Please RSVP one last time for this season so we can keep up to date with your plans!

We will be holding much of our weekend rehearsal outside. Plan and prepare for any kind of weather. It's been cold, especially in the evenings! Please make sure to bring everything your instructors have asked you to have for tour.

If you are driving your car, you will park it for the camp weekend at Roosevelt, and then take it to the corps hall when we leave the school. Your car will be kept throughout the summer at our vehicle lot which is the site of a former bowling alley. The lot is not secured. (Please note: We prefer that you do not leave a car in Dubuque for the summer. If you have no other alternative, please contact Vicki in advance of the weekend. Please only leave your car in Dubuque if absolutely essential. Although we do our best to keep everything safe, the Colts accept no responsibility for cars left in Dubuque.)

1. Bring clothes for any weather. Again  please plan for cold, rain or heat wave. You are apt to be outside for most of the weekend. Don't forget cold weather gear. You never know.
2. Two pairs of comfortable tennis shoes (no high tops). One pair is for wet and mud that will be taken off before entering the school if it rains or is wet outdoors.
3. Athletic braces for any previous injuries or weaknesses. You will be on your feet a lot this weekend, so protect yourself against injury.
4. Other helpful items: Extra socks, sunscreen, lip protection (DCT) with sunscreen, hat or bandana, sunglasses, a bright, cheery face, fanny pack and one gallon water bottle or jug, dot book on the shoelace, etc.
5. Binder with plastic sheet covers for your music and drill; and a dot book.

The Member Handbook (aka Tour Survival Guide) will answer most of your packing questions. Please make sure to turn in the member handbook acknowledgment form!

- Make sure you (and your PARENTS) are signed onto the website distribution list. Distribution List
- Read the Member Handbook and turn in the acknowledgment.
- Turn in Car Wash Forms with the minimum of $175 in donations or pledges on Friday, May 27th or as soon as you arrive for summer.
- Ensure all paperwork is in before you move in! (medical form, insurance card copy, vaccination record, physical, age proof, car wash, handbook acknowledgment)

We will pack and load everything out of the school in the morning and will not be returning after the performances. We will not have access to the school once we leave. Our itinerary will be approximately:
8:00 - Wake/Eat/Pack/Clean School
10:00 - Depart for Colts Center (1101 Central Ave.); Kitchen truck departs for Loras College
11:00 - Unload battery and tubas at Colts Center
11:15 - Lunch (pit eat first and walks to Washington Park)
12:15 - All marching members walk to Jackson Park
12:30 - Sectional warm ups in park
1:30 - Full ensemble in Jackson Park; Parade begins; Colts are last (2:15ish)
3:00ish - Summer Debut Concert in Washington Park, following memorial services
4:00ish - Full Corps Meeting
5:00ish - Depart for Loras College
7:00ish - Supper at Loras College

If you have not turned in your medical form or physical papers you MUST turn them in when you arrive for the summer. A copy of your driver's license or birth certificate is sufficient for age proof. It is available online or we can send you another one. EVERYONE MUST HAVE a parent or guardian sign the medical form, regardless of age!

This is a critical project for us and the only fundraiser for which we expect everyone's participation. We expect you will collect a minimum of $175. Our goal is to wash 750 cars or more. Please do your share and please make sure your sheets are legible!

Remember, the car wash is an expectation of your membership, stated and agreed to on your membership contract. More importantly, we are only successful if we all contribute, and it beats the heck out of selling pizzas, magazines and other products. Please do your share and more. When everyone pitches in, like last year, we can make over $40,000!

Remember, you don't have to collect the pledges or donations. We can bill and collect from the office by mail when you turn in your form with supportive donors.

Payment must be made when the order is taken. Jacket prices are $110 (sizes XS-XXL), which includes the embroidery of your name and section.

Members and staff can purchase a 2016 Colts summer tour shirt -- ie: the "show shirt" -- for a discounted price of $12 (normally $18) THIS WEEKEND ONLY. All tour shirt sales after Memorial Day will be $18 for everyone. We will have ALL Colts merchandise available beginning Saturday evening at Roosevelt Middle School.

We CRITICALLY need your help for tour! There are still spots on the summer calendar that need to be filled! Parents, if you are able to help during the summer or have any questions, please contact Bill Symoniak by calling 651-470-3553 or email A great experience for your member is up to all of us! We are CRITICALLY short on help May 31-June 1 and July 24-Aug 6. We need you and it's a great experience for you, too!

When you visit the Colts on tour, get to our housing site as early in the day as you can to give us a hand. When you come, please consider bringing fresh fruit or vegetables! We prep for 200 meals four times a day. Cookies are a nice treat also, but fresh fruits and vegetables are a necessity!

If you are flying home after finals, book your ticket out of Indianapolis International (IND) after 5:00 am Sunday, August 14. We will be running a bus from the stadium to the airport after Finals. A fun-filled overnight at the airport awaits you. About 2,000 other corps members will be with you. The bus returning to Dubuque will arrive between 8:00 and 10:00 am Sunday morning.

Finals week is August 11-13 in Indianapolis, IN. There are still good seats available! It's going to be quite the show! Please note that the Colts WILL perform August 11 and 12, but are not guaranteed a spot in finals on August 13. Plan accordingly.

We have some seats available for all three shows. Contact ASAP if you would like to buy tickets to championships through our office.

The Colt Cadets have their prelims and finals in Michigan City on Monday and Tuesday and will also be performing in prelims on Thursday in Lucas Oil Stadium.

The top 15 corps at Thursday prelims will be shown live at Star Cinema theaters throughout the country beginning at 5:00 pm. Go to to find the location nearest you. If you can't make it to Indianapolis, this is the next best thing!

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