Colts April Rehearsal And Pre-Tour Information

April 26, 2016


This months camp start is different, so please read carefully. Please arrive at Washington Middle School between 7:00 pm and 7:15 pm to unload the trailer. We cannot enter the school until 9:00 pm, so rehearsal will begin outdoors. Please do not try to get into the building any earlier than 9:00 pm. If you must arrive earlier on Friday, please join us at the Colts Center (1101 Central Avenue) until the time we have school grounds permission (7:00 pm).

We will start with a quick meeting for everyone at 7:50 pm. Sectionals will begin at 8:00 pm Friday outdoors, and we will move inside to continue sectionals at 9:00 pm. The camp will conclude by 3:00 pm Sunday. Please arrive at 7:30 pm on Friday to help unload. You can find directions to the school HERE.

While we will do some check in outdoors, the bulk of check in will happen at snack (11:00 pm in Washington Middle School). Paying in advance will speed up your check in process. First time attendees get a $25 discount by paying before the camp date. You can pay your camp fees through Wednesday 5:00 pm at the Colts Store.

For first time 2016 season camp attendees, the cost of this rehearsal is $175, ($125 for returning members). If this is your second or more rehearsal for this season, then the cost is $60. This fee is collected at each camp and covers your meals, overnight accommodations, instruction, and materials. This fee does not apply toward summer tuition.

NOTICE: The Member Handbook (aka Tour Survival Guide) and car wash information will be distributed soon. THE MEMBER HANDBOOK (Tour Survival Guide) will answer most of your questions about what to pack, what to bring, logistics and the like, especially for new members and new parents. We will email the information to all members and parents. Everyone needs to read the handbook in its entirety! The information will also be printable at All members will be asked to submit a signed acknowledgment of the member handbook.

Members, please double check with your parents to ensure they are checking the website and getting all of the information we provide as well! Please bring your own spandex for uniform fittings at this event. Brass and battery members should feel free to bring your favorite pillow case for your shako bag! If bringing your own pillow case, please do not bring a RED or DARK PINK pillow case (they can stain the front of the shakos). We will be fitting shakos at this camp.

If you are auditioning, please make sure you are prepared with the details on the website.

The COLOR GUARD will be offsite much of the weekend for rehearsals. On Friday night, the guard will meet at Washington, but will bus to the National Guard Armory from 8:15 pm until 10:45 pm. On Saturday, the guard will depart for Hempstead High School, and use their gym from 9:00 am until 8:30 pm (meals 2 & 3 will be remote). For Sunday, we will utilize the Five Flags Center in downtown Dubuque from 8:45 am until 1:45 pm (sack lunch at Five Flags).


As always, submit an RSVP TODAY so we can plan not only this rehearsal, but also the rest of the spring. Now is the time to plan the rest of the year as it relates to the Colts schedule. We need to know the date that you will be moving in for the summer.

Parents are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and sleep in a classroom at the facility. We also have arrangements for discounted rates at the Hampton Inn here in Dubuque. The Hampton Inn is a great sponsor of the Colts! To take advantage of these rates, please call the Hampton Inn directly (563-690-2005) and tell them you are with the Colts.

1. Bring clothes for any weather (snow, rain or heat wave). You may be outside for much of the weekend, working on drill and music. Dont forget cold weather gear. You just never know. Right now there is an 80% chance of rain each day this weekend. Please plan accordingly!
2. Two pairs of comfortable tennis shoes (no high tops). One pair is for wet and mud that will be taken off before entering the school if it rains or is wet outdoors.
3. Athletic braces for any previous injuries or weaknesses. You will be on your feet a lot this weekend, so protect yourself against injury.
4. Other helpful items: extra socks, sunscreen, lip protection (DCT) with sunscreen, hat or bandana, sunglasses, a smile, backpack (field bag) and water bottle or jug, dot book on a shoelace.

Be A Colts Booster!
Help needed from parents, fans, and friends. We will be working frantically on uniform fitting this weekend and to sew more souvie flags. Of course, help in the kitchen is always necessary! We will also begin preparing the kitchen truck (cleaning, loading, painting, etc). Parents, please bring sewing machines, power tools, and work clothes.

You don't need to be a parent! What about Grandma? Or Grandpa's friend? You get the idea. The corps work can be fulfilling for the volunteers, too! Thank you for all of your support in advance!

PARENTS, we need your help for tour! There are still spots on the summer calendar that need to be filled! If you are able to help during the summer or have any questions, please contact Bill Symoniak by calling 651-470-3553 or email A great experience for your member is up to you! Volunteering is a great experience, too! We need help on the cook truck and by driving vans in the convoy.

We ask that members try to find someone to help tour for one week this summer. If not mom or dad, how about a friend or a family relative, band director or someone else you know. Tour volunteers should be beyond marching age (22 or older).

Parents, when you visit the Colts on tour, please arrive to our housing site as early in the day as you can to give us a hand. When you come, please consider bringing fresh fruit or vegetables!

PAPERWORK NEEDED - Proof Of Age and Medical Information
All members must have proof of age on file with us. This can be a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or a driver's license or permit.

Your Medical History Form and Physical are due ASAP! Contact us if you have any questions. EVERYONE MUST have a parent or next of kin signature on the medical form, regardless of age. You may not travel or perform until all records are complete. Please bring or mail this information ASAP. We also collect a copy of your insurance card and your immunization record.

Don't forget to handle your member fees before tour! Statements are emailed prior to each camp. Questions about your account can be addressed to

Members are eligible to purchase a jacket if you have a signed contract. These jackets are only available to members and alumni. Payment must be made when the order is taken. The price for a jacket is $110, sizes XS-2XL. Name and Section embroidery is included in this price. The jackets run one size larger than what you would normally purchase. You may order a member jacket online at the Colts Store. If you ORDER NOW and we are out of your size, we will plan to have your jacket available before tour departs after Colts Summer Premiere.

We will be staying at the Dubuque Armory again this season, and bussing to fields. Please plan on arriving around 6:00 pm on Sunday evening May 22, so we may begin rehearsal bright and early Monday morning, May 23.

If your parents are able to volunteer for a day or two during this time, we would be VERY EXCITED to have them with us! Please have them contact Vicki to help during this time.

We can pick you up at the airport or bus station in Dubuque. If you need assistance getting here from another airport, please call us before booking flights. Rides from other local airports such as Moline (MLI) or Cedar Rapids (CID) can generally be accommodated.

To arrange rides from an airport or bus station, please notify us by email at or call 563-582-4872. You can also help fellow members by offering a ride in your vehicle. You can let us know if you have extra room or if need a ride on your RSVP. (BTW...have you submitted an RSVP for camp? This is a must before EACH camp and move ins to confirm your attendance.)

For those who will be flying home after finals, please note: You should purchase a plane ticket home no earlier than 6:00 am on Sunday, August 14, from the Indianapolis Airport (IND). We will run a bus from the stadium to the Indianapolis Airport after finals early Sunday morning. A fun-filled overnight at the airport awaits you with about 2,000 other corps members!

There are a few tickets remaining in the Colts block for the Drum Corp International World Championships held in Indianapolis, IN on August 11-13. To purchase or find out additional information, contact Kevin at

Personal Uniform Parts
These parts have been added to your bill and were emailed with your statement. The parts will be handed out at the Memorial Day camp. Each brass and battery member receive a new plume, member shirt, mirror triangle, and marching shoes (brass/cymbals also purchase gloves). Prices for Brass/Cymbals/DM will be $100; Battery $80 (no gloves), and front ensemble will be $55 (no plumes). Guard members pay $125 for personal uniform parts that will be supplied, including shoes, earrings, flag bag, under uniform garments, warm ups, uniform parts bag and other necessary personal items.

CAR WASH, JUNE 11, 2016
This is a critical project for us, and the only fundraiser for which we expect everyone's participation. We ask that you collect a minimum of 20 pledges or donations, with a total potential value of $175. If you start now and get one per day, you'll have over 40. If you wait until the last day, you'll have a problem. Please make sure your sheets are legible!

The vast majority (90%+) of Colts and Cadets do a great job, but we do remind you that this is a requirement of your membership, agreed to in your membership contract. The car wash will be held Saturday, June 11.

As in all facets of membership, we need people who are committed to the success of the Colts. When everyone does their share, we can make more than $40,000 in our one-day event!

Please plan, so that you can do your share. It's important to all of us, and it beats having to sell cookie dough, magazines, candy, pizzas and whatever else. Our one and only fundraiser for members does the same thing as many small ones.

The money raised from this project helps with tour expenses, especially food and fuel. It's extra important that we do well this year with what is happening in the world and with beef prices going crazy.

As a guideline, set a goal of an average value of $10 per pledge or donation. If someone asks the value of a penny per car, the typical pledge of a penny per car total will end up being around $8. If we wash 750 cars at approximately 20 locations, that amounts to $7.50 per pledge. Some pledges will be more, some less. Remember, although you may collect money in advance, you are not required to. You do not need to collect pledges. After the car wash, we will mail letters from the office to the commitments you received for you. We then collect these payments through the office by mail. We prefer to not bill for anything less than $5. Please keep in mind the total goal to raise $175 personally. Twenty donations of a dollar each is not satisfactory.

Your time on the road with us on tour. A day or a week! Contact us with questions!
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Cookies (300 per meal)
9 volt batteries
7 and 9 oz. plastic or paper cups
9"-10" sturdy paper or Styrofoam plates
Sturdy paper or Styrofoam bowls
Medium-weight plastic silverware
Gift cards for fuel and/or office supplies
12 oz. Styrofoam coffee cups
Coffee (caffeinated, please!)
Paper towels
Cereal (Your kid's favorite works! We use 1,000 boxes on tour!)
An RV for tour
Acres of land around Dubuque (for a rehearsal field)
Did we mention your time on tour?

May 22 6:00 pm - Guard & Battery Move In for Pre-Season Rehearsal
May 27 7:00 pm - Move In for Full Corps at Roosevelt Middle School
May 30 Noon - Parade and Summer Debut Concert in Dubuque, Iowa

Vicki MacFarlane, Director
Jeff MacFarlane, Executive Director
Matt Mulvanny, Colt Cadets Director

P.O. Box 515
1101 Central Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: 563-582-4872
Fax: 563-582-7317

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