Colts Prepare For Next 50 Years

November 25, 2013

Following a memorable season in which it celebrated its 50th Anniversary, the Colts Youth Organization is preparing for the next 50 years without its most familiar face. Greg Orwoll, the group's development director and former executive director, recently accepted a new challenge as executive director of DuRide in Dubuque. Executive Director Jeff MacFarlane manages the Colts business operation and will take on many of the duties vacated by Orwoll's departure.

"Greg created a wonderful foundation on which we will continue to build the Colts. His philosophies used to develop young students into accomplished leaders and performers will live on here forever," said MacFarlane. "We will certainly miss his three decades of leadership, but I have his number and know he will be there when we need some advice or counsel."

MacFarlane has been with the Colts Youth Organization since 2005 serving as controller and designer. Prior to joining the Colts, he was more known throughout Dubuque for creating many of the area's iconic logo designs at the company he founded, Get Smart Design (which later became Mission Creative  a property of Woodward Communications). He spent over twenty years in the advertising business before shifting gears and joining the non-profit organization where he participated as a drummer in the 1970s. He grew up with the Colts having watched all four of his older siblings march in the drum corps.

"I used to get a call from Greg every now and then to do a pro bono design project for the Colts," MacFarlane continued. "I look forward to bringing a bit of that marketing focus to the organization as we refine the Colts brand, and spread the word about our mission and the accomplishments of these amazing students we meet year after year."

The Colts bring one season to a close and begin another this weekend when they host their Annual Recognition Banquet on Friday, November 29th followed immediately by their first audition weekend. There is still plenty of time to sign up ( and become a member of the 2014 Colts!

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