Colts Receive $25,000 Grant From Dubuque Racing Association

May 30, 2013

TThe Dubuque Racing Association, (DRA) is the non-profit organization that is the license holder for the Mystique and the Diamond Jo casinos. Grants have been offered to non-profit organizations through a competitive grants process most every year since 1985.

Significant funds also are contributed to the City of Dubuque from the DRA.

The last two years, the DRA awarded the Colts the maximum amount offered both years, $40,000 last year for new uniforms for both the Colts and the Colt Cadets in commemoration of the 50th anniversary season of the Colts, and this year, the maximum $25,000.

Both grants came with a requirement of a match of an additional 25% or more. For the new uniforms for the Colts and the Colt Cadets, 230 in total, donors were given the opportunity to dedicate a uniform for a contribution of $65 per uniform. A total of 237 uniforms were dedicated by donors this spring.

The Colts wore the new uniforms in the Memorial Day Parade in Dubuque and the Colt Cadets will show off their new uniforms at Brass 'n' Brats in Belmont, Wisconsin on Tuesday, June 11.

Since 1987, the Colts have received grants from the DRA totaling over $340,000 for new instruments, vehicles, uniforms, a souvenir trailer, computers and equipment maintenance.

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