Colts Alum Injured In Boston Bombing

April 16, 2013

Lee Ann Yanni-Sauer, a five year member and age out of the Colts color guard in 1998-2002 was approximately 10 feet from one of the bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon and is hospitalized in Boston. Her injuries are not life threatening, but they are serious and requiring surgery.

"I'm not sure exactly sure where it was detonated," she said. "It sounded awfully close, we were probably 10 feet from the finish line. It was quite loud and you could definitely smell the smoke when it happened."

Interviewed from Tufts Medical Center in Boston by NBC's Today Show host Matt Lauer on Tuesday, Yanni, who aged out of the Colts color guard in 2002, reported that she and her husband were approximately 10 feet from the marathons finish line when the bombs went off.

Messages of support may be sent to her via her facebook page (Lee Ann Yanni), or can be sent to the Colts at that will be forwarded to her.

See her Today Show interview with Matt Lauer at this link: Lee Ann Yanni interview from Tufts Medical Center in Boston. We wish her a speedy and complete recovery. Hold onto morning.

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