2012 Banquet Awards And Recap

November 28, 2012

What a great weekend for the Colts family! Our annual banquet allowed us to recognize members from both corps, and the location of the Five Flags Center in downtown Dubuque was fantastic. If you were unable to be here with us, we wish you could have been to share the experience!

The banquet allowed us to recognize our achievements as well as the outstanding contributions of both members and volunteers. Awards presented for the Colts and the Colt Cadets members were:


Outstanding First Year Members:
Brass - Sydney Covington
Guard - Becca Swick
Percussion - Jamie Haffner

Most Improved Members:
Brass - Dakotah Coach & Billie Lubis
Guard - Hannah Calkins & Alexa Mickelson
Percussion - Matt Stine

Outstanding Section Members:
Brass - Patrick McGehee
Guard - Hillary Hannan
Percussion - Kevin Halvorson

Robert M. Buelow Award (Colt of the Year): Casey Hallahan

Colt Cadets

Outstanding First Year Members:
Brass - Emily Smith
Guard - Paige Murphy & Tess Perkins
Percussion - Michael Hay

Most Improved Members:
Brass - Michael Harrison & Ian Murphy
Guard - Rachel Mennenga
Percussion - Robert Loving III

Outstanding Section Members:
Brass - Jonathan Carpenter & Taylor Guthrie
Guard - Karysa Taylor
Percussion - Maria Russett & Morgan Swearinger

Colt Cadet of the Year: Noah Mennenga

Age out awards were presented to 26 members of the Colts. These individuals and marching years were:
Melissa DaPonte - 1
Samantha Dobson - 1
Silvio Endenberg - 1
Jamie Haffner - 1
Casey Harris - 1
Alex Knowles - 1
Amelia Lamsam - 1
Max Meigel - 1
Dustin Smith - 1
Daniel Spence - 1
Chelsea Stemet - 1
Emily Tunison - 1
John Yeates - 1
Tim Byrnes - 2
Dustin Cather - 2
Jordon Grubbs - 2
Kevin Halvorson - 2
Heather Hanson - 2
Jeanette Krier - 2
Travis Chisholm - 3
Paige Holtan - 3
Adam Nichols - 3
Isaac Campbell - 4
Precious Dela Rosa - 4
Elana Seigel - 4
Hillary Hannan - 6

We will miss their 52 years of combined experience. Congratulations to all age outs!

The Sunday Colts performance was an exciting kick off for the 2013 season. Colt Cadets met on Saturday and the staff gave an overview of the direction of the program for the coming year.

Please send your RSVP for December camp today! Our next rehearsal is December 21-23 in Dubuque. Please let us know your plans for the upcoming year! Colt Cadets will begin rehearsals in February 2013.

Our upcoming year celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Colts organization promises to be exciting and memorable.

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