Colts Board Of Directors Set For The New Year

October 29, 2012

At their October meeting, the Colts Board of Directors elected officers and additional Board members to oversee the organization for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

The new Board President is 1982 Colts age out, Greg Blum. He has been serving on the Board for three years. Along with other duties required of the position, Greg is committed to reengaging the alumni base, which is especially relevant as we enter our 50th anniversary season. Appointed to Vice President was Randy Eichhorn who is nearing two decades of continuous service to the Colts. Bill Howes was reappointed to his position as Treasurer along with Bill Symoniak who will once again serve as Secretary for the coming year.

Bruce Hallahan will provide support as Past President of the Board. "Bruce has been a steadfast leader throughout the past two years and through our transition this fall," said Blum. "On behalf of the Board and the entire organization, I would like to thank Bruce for the dedication and perseverance he gave in his years of leadership."

Others reelected to their positions include Rod Bakke, Gary Dolphin and James Sherry. Three members appointed from the Colts Booster Club Board include Lisa Delaney, Peggy Francomb, and Booster Board President, Mike Wolfe. Board members continuing their current terms are Jeff Eagan, Peter Hansen, Tom Reilly and John Woodin.

The newest member of the Board is Emily Neuendorf. Emily is Executive Director of the Waverly Chamber of Commerce. She was a seven-year member of the Colts and drum major for her final three seasons from 1997-99. With her combination of non-profit management along with her leadership experience within the corps as a marching member, Emily is sure to be a great addition to the group.

Thank you to all who have accepted positions on the Board. And thanks to all have served in the past. Your hours of volunteerism are a great example for our entire Colts family of what it takes to be great.

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