Colt Cadets 2012 Program Comes ALIVE!

April 19, 2012

The Colt Cadets are excited to announce their 2012 program, Alive! The Colt Cadets are coming off their second consecutive year as DCI Open Class Finalists. The design team and instructional staff are hard at work getting the members up to speed on the music and finalizing plans for the show.

The 2012 program is essentially a story of acceptance and belonging that uses the mad scientist plot to deliver the message. CLICK HERE for a detailed description of the show along with the musical repertoire the corps will play to bring this program to life.

Each year, the Colt Cadets are comprised of approximately 80 middle- and high-school students from throughout the U.S. The corps maintains at least a 2/3 local base of members that live in Dubuque and the surrounding tri-state area. The Colt Cadets will appear in 15-16 competitive performances throughout the summer, as well as a number of parades and exhibitions in the Dubuque area.

Their Drum Corps International season begins with a show in Madison, Wisconsin on June 22, followed by an evening in Dubuque with the Colts at their Summer Premiere on June 23 at Loras College.

The Colt Cadets were founded in 1967 and are one of only three corps with a World Class "big brother" in Drum Corps International...the others being in Santa Clara and Concord, California.

For more information on the Colt Cadets, contact Vicki Schaffer, Youth Programs Director, at:

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