Colts Family Celebrates 2011 With Annual Recognition Banquet

November 30, 2011

What a great weekend for the Colts family! Our annual banquet allowed us to recognize the three vital elements that create a successful organization -- the members, staff and volunteers from both of the drum corps. One evening alone does not allow us the time to express the gratitude to all who make this experience possible. If you helped out the organization in any way whatsoever (driver, donor, cook, sewing crew, parent, ticket taker, etc., etc.) and were unable to attend the banquet, please accept our sincere THANKS for all you do!

In addition to a number of Honorable Mentions presented in these categories, the following members were given a plaque as the top vote getter(s) in each as chosen by their peers:

Outstanding First Year Member
Kristin Vroman, Brass
James Schuster, Percussion
Megan Schreck, Guard

Most Improved In Section
Justin Rubie, Brass
Gianni Nunn, Percussion
Emily Broghammer and Alexa MickelsonGuard

Outstanding Section Member
Rebecca Gonner, Brass
Brad Ryan, Percussion
Karysa Taylor, Guard

Colt Cadets Member Of The Year Betsy Guthrie

Outstanding First Year Member
Josh Neujahr, Brass
ric Boetcher, Percussion
Kelly Voegele, Guard

Most Improved In Section
Mike Sommer, Brass
Beth Sample, Percussion
Jessica Colip and Sarah Hallahan, Guard

Outstanding Section Member
Casey Hallahan, Brass
Matt DeStasio and Megan Francomb, Percussion
Steven Irving, Guard

Robert M. Buelow Award (given to the most outstanding Colts member) Casey Hallahan

Age Out plaques were presented to 28 members of the Colts. We will miss their 79 years of combined experience.
Congratulations to all! The number of marching years with the Colts follows each name:
Alex Albertson - 1
Kaitlin Gimm - 1
Scott Goodmundson - 1
Sarah Knue - 1
Chase Neely - 1
Kolby Palmore - 1
Samantha Uher - 1
Chris Corrie - 2
Pam Crawford - 2
Matt DeStasio - 2
Wade Gibson - 2
Amanda Kendall-Brown III - 2
Sara Kusnerak - 2
Chris Rossi - 2
Shayne Taylor - 2
Joe Carinci - 3
Elizabeth McIntyre - 3
Jordan Carlton - 4
Megan Francomb - 4
Ross Halley - 4
Alex Higgins - 4
Steven Irving - 4
Sam McGinthy - 4
Monica Rohrabaugh - 4
Leanna Rummes - 4
Adam Merkes - 5
Derek Hessing - 6
Emily Ripley - 7

Our upcoming year celebrates the 49th anniversary of the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps and promises to be exciting and successful. Please join us at 1:00 p.m. on the Sunday afternoon of each rehearsal weekend as the Colts present a public performance. Also, the Drum Corps International summer schedule has been released and is available at

Once again, THANK YOU to all who make this possible!

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