What A Year! Colt Cadets Make Finals, Colts Miss By Just A Little

August 16, 2010

The Cadets set records for themselves this year in placement and score and the Colts achieved a level of performance that captured the audience both days at finals and throughout the country during the summer. The Cadets were amazing all through the week and put on performances that were natural and exciting extensions of several years of stable yet dramatic improvement in all areas of their program. Congratulations to the staff and members of both corps on great and very, very successful seasons. Now, let the marching band season begin...

We at the Colts now unpack and begin next year all at the same time....

Today it feels a little overwhelming. Trucks full of instruments, food, uniforms and flags, and a vision are all we have to start with. Out of that will come an even more amazing experience for over 225 members of the Colts and Colt Cadets in 2011. We prepare to do it all over again, yet we prepare to do it all fresh and new. No two seasons are ever the same, (even comparing my 26 of them!) yet I am certain that no two seasons will be as different as 2010 compared to 2011 on many levels.

We're keeping the many things that work extremely well here exactly as they are, and we're taking a hard look at the areas we can and should do better. Excellence is a very demanding standard, yet it is what we strive for in every aspect of what we do. And while we can't use competition as the only, or even the most important measurement of our organizational excellence, it is important. In that area, particularly to the outside folks who are looking in, only one of our two programs was "successful".

We know that both corps were quite successful, and to finish where the Colts did requires an amazing drum corps full of amazing members, but to the outside world, the Cadets "made it". The Colts did not. While we do so many things so well, we have to do well, on a world-class level, compared to the very best in the world, in every area of our programs.

One of our goals for the Colts was to be in finals. We came up short. We were good enough to make finals, but so were others, and we were not good enough to make finals early enough in the season to have the inside track to a position. There are few surprises finals week, and frankly, the corps that made finals deserved to be in finals. But so did we. There just weren't enough slots in finals to accommodate all the corps that deserved it.

I have no doubt in my mind that the performance we put on in Semi Finals was over and away the finest performance in the history of the Colts. And probably better than any Colts finals performance in previous seasons. And I think the audience concurred. Congratulations. So, we didn't leave regrets and both of our corps were amazing, we have to be better every year in every area - on and off the field. And we will be. Starting today.

The 2011 season is here. It will look strikingly similar and strikingly different at the same time. It will be amazing. The hard work has already begun. Congratulations to our members, staff, volunteers and supporters on a tremendous season, and thank you for your trust and support. This year is your's to cherish forever. You earned that right.

Next year is now. Welcome!

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