Congrats to 2008 Colts and Colt Cadets!

December 4, 2008

What a great weekend for the Colts Family! The banquet allowed us to hear final words from many of our age outs, and the kick off meeting on Sunday introduced the staff and excitement of 2009. If you were unable to be here with us, we wish you could have been to share the experience!

The banquet allowed us to recognize our achievements, as well as the outstanding contributions of both members and volunteers. Awards presented for the Colts and the Cadets members were:


Outstanding First Year Member:
Brass - David Oliver
Guard - Precious Dela Rosa
Percussion - Blayze Windham

Most Improved:
Brass - Christian Marty/Kevin VanDenBerg
Guard - Julietta Marty
Percussion - Matt Stine/Devin Wolf

Outstanding Section Member:
Brass - Anna Rechtenbach
Guard - Dany Lynn
Percussion - Ryan Farris/Josh Wernimont

Colt Cadet of the Year:
Ryan Farris/Josh Wernimont


Outstanding First Year Member:
Brass - Casey Hallahan
Guard - Leah Behning/Chris Sparks
Percussion - Justin Brenneman

Most Improved Member:
Brass - Mallory Cox/Laura Christy
Guard - Cody Freiburger
Percussion - Donovan Glass

Outstanding Section Member:
Brass - Scott Oliver
Guard - Jessica Dunkel
Percussion - Megan Francomb/Nic Goodman

Visual Awards:
Most Improved - Alex Giddings
Outstanding - Chris Hansen

Colts Member of the Year, "Robert M. Buelow Award":
Keenan Cox/Scott Oliver

Age out awards were presented 35 members of the Colts. These individuals and marching years were:
Matt Block, 1
Curtis Brown, 1
Heather Cotney, 1
Allyson Fairchild, 1
Michael Harris, 1
Ashley Hyme, 1
Miho Nakao, 1
James Nemecek, 1
Tom Odon, 1
Jacob Pratt, 1
Michael Rotenbury, 1
Tiffany Stupica, 1
Rachelle Temple, 1
Adam Weisenberger, 1
Ben Baggett, 2
Donnie Cutting, 2
Beth Hoover, 2
TJ Kerwin, 2
Tim Kiefer, 2
Chris Koenig, 2
Saori Terao, 2
Jaclyn Wessol, 2
Doug Bogatz, 3
Jennifer Cooper, 3
Sarah Erickson, 3
Nic Goodman, 3
Katie Maus, 3
Christina Schuler, 3
Brianna Seidlitz, 3
David Hartig, 4
Alex Navrotski, 4
Mariela Alvarez, 5
Kendall Kruse, 5
Jessica Dunkel, 6
TJ Higgins, 6
We will miss their 81 years of combined experience. Congratulations to all age outs!

The Sunday meeting was a very successful and exciting kick off for the 2009 season. Staff for the Colts and Colt Cadets gave overviews of the direction of the program for the year.

Please send your RSVP for December camp today! Membership materials have been mailed in advance of our first rehearsal, December 19-21 in Dubuque. Please let us know your plans for the upcoming year! The Cadets will begin rehearsals on February 1, 2009.

Our upcoming year celebrating the 46th Anniversary of the Colts Organization promises to be exciting and successful.

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