Funds Established To Assist Bianca's And Erin's Families With Expenses

December 8, 2007

There are accounts for both families at Dupaco Community Credit Union, 3299 Hillcrest Rd., Dubuque, IA 52001, c/o Sue Hallahan. You may also mail your contribution to us at Colts, P.O. Box 515, Dubuque, IA 52004-0515 and we will get it to them.

Checks may be made out either or both:
Bianca Vocke Fund
Erin Reichle Fund

You can make a donation via the Colts Store, as well. Click here to make a contribution using your credit card on the Colts secure site.

The Senior High School color guard has begun doing fundraising programs for both families as well. There are tremendous expenses that the families have and will continue to incur. Please do what you can to assist them in this time of need. B's mom had quit her job to be with her to the end, and Jay was off work for over a week as well. Erin's parents have similar situations. Thank you again for all the best wishes that continue to come in. What a difference they have made to both families!

Take care,

You may call us at the Colts office at any time for further information at (563) 582-4872. Thank you for your support of our families and our kids!

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