Two Colts Members Seriously Injured In Car Accident

December 1, 2007

Erin is in a hospital in Waterloo, Iowa with serious back and neck injuries plus other injuries. Bianca had to be air-lifted to The University of Iowa Hospitals overnight. I talked to Bianca's mother earlier this evening to be make sure we have the most accurate information possible...

Bianca's condition has improved from "critical" to "critical but stable" in the past 18 hours, but she is seriously injured, and her outcome is not yet certain. Your prayers are needed. Prayer and prayer groups make a difference. If you feel you can provide that support, please do so now. She is in an induced coma at this time and has undergone extensive emergency surgery for internal bleeding and injuries. She also has swelling on the brain. An MRI is being performed as I write this to determine the extent of any brain injuries she may have. She was responsive to her mom and others earlier today, which is very good news, but she is far from out of the woods.

I am convinced that people in a condition like Bianca's not only hear but respond to and benefit from messages that are read to them from friends and others. Please send me your best wishes for her and I will make sure that she hears them. I am planning to leave to see her at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Please send your message for her to and I will get it to her and her family. Please do the same for Erin. She will have a long and difficult road to recovery as well.

Thank you. Life is very fragile. Please don't ever take it for granted. I love you all,

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