Colts Relive Memories At Annual Banquet

November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend was truly a moment to be thankful for our Colts family! Our Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet allowed us to hear final words from many of our 40 age-outs, recognize many of the staff and volunteers who make it all happen, and kick-off the new season on Sunday morning where those in attendance were introduced to the program concepts, staff, and direction for both corps in 2008.

Thanks to all who attended to make the weekend memorable. For those who could not be with us, you can order a copy of the 2007 Year In Review DVD by e-mailing:

Membership achievement award winners for the Colts and the Cadets members were:

Cadets Brass
Outstanding First Year Members: Blake Neebel/Anna Rechtenbach
Most Improved: Lily Brondyke/Blake Neebel
Outstanding Section Member: Joey Appleby

Cadets Percussion
Outstanding First Year Members: Ryan Farris/Ryan Howerton
Most Improved: Jordan Rotz
Outstanding Section Members: Wade Gibson/Jon Stelken

Cadets Color Guard
Outstanding First Year Member: Lindsey Spillman
Most Improved: Kierre Wood
Outstanding Section Member: Mitchell Stolberg

Cadets of the Year: Casey Hallahan/Josh Wernimont

Colts Brass
Outstanding First Year Member: Jackie Paschang
Most Improved: Carrie Nageotte
Outstanding Section Member: Scott Oliver

Colts Percussion
Outstanding First Year Members: Eric Petrinowitsch/Marty Ryan
Most Improved: Chris Sikkema
Outstanding Section Members: Jack Borland/Jared Goede

Colts Color Guard
Outstanding First Year Members: Saori Terao/Ashley Metzger
Most Improved: Kayla Kenyon
Outstanding Section Member: Elizabeth Theobald

Colts Visual
Most Improved: Carrie Nageotte
Outstanding Marcher: Katrina Panovich

Robert M. Buelow Award: Katrina Panovich

Age-Out Awards were presented to 40 members of the Colts. These individuals, and the number of years marched, were:
Matt Amos - 1
Josh Gosney - 1
Bryce Lowman - 1
Kari Martin - 1
Francisco Masferrer - 1
Ashley Metzger - 1
Jessica Murdoch - 1
Jackie Paschang - 1
Rebecca Phillips - 1
Fujino Tsuha - 1
Sharon Zearfoss - 1
Devin Burgess - 2
Matthew Coleman - 2
Ryan Dodd - 2
Mike Freeland - 2
Lauren Garten - 2
Chris Jansen - 2
Kevin Kahl - 2
Ashley Rycroft - 2
Ryan Uitenbroek - 2
David Alford - 3
Jack Borland - 3
Dee Casper - 3
Jeff Decker - 3
Dan Gannaway-Pitts - 3
Jared Goede - 3
Evan Guerra - 3
Aaron Hudson - 3
Amy Mascaro - 3
Deanna Miller - 3
Jenny Acheson - 4
Rachael Baethke - 4
Melanie Frost - 4
Britt Panuska - 4
Brandon Rogers - 4
Kaitlyn Summitt - 4
Matthew Aslesen - 5
Katrina Panovich - 5
Vanessa Hauser - 6
Elizabeth Theobald - 7
We will miss their 106 years of combined experience. Congratulations to all age-outs!

The Sunday meeting was a very successful and exciting kick-off for the 2008 season. Staff for the Colts and Colt Cadets gave overviews of the direction of their programs for the year. Please send your RSVP for December 14-16 Colts camp today! Membership materials were mailed several weeks ago, so if you didn't get yours, provide us your new address right away! Let us know your plans for the upcoming year! The Colt Cadets will begin rehearsals on February 17, 2008. Our upcoming year, celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Colts Youth Organization, promises to be exciting and successful.

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