Colts Announce 2005 Program

January 6, 2005


Imagine going through your grandmothers attic and finding faded postcards she had collected over the years. What would they tell you about what she treasured and the experiences she valued? What stories would they have? In their 2005 program, The Colts explore these possibilities and have selected four postcards from the collection.

Introducing and concluding this exploration is Aaron Coplands The Promise of Living from The Tender Land. This piece reflects the hope and promise of the Midwest experience. The first postcard pictures a Merry-go-round, a scene of youthful hope and joy. Coplands gift of The Red Pony reflects this upbeat optimism. The next postcard seen is Harvest. Alberto Ginasteras The Land Workers from his Estancia ballet portrays life on the farm, which is alternately ideal and punishing in its unrelenting dependence on the whims of nature and the physical demands of working the fields. Wish You Were Here is revealed in the third postcard which reflects personal relationships and the wistfulness that comes from being apart and the joy of being together. The Colts portray that sense of personal commitment through Meredith Wilsons soaring and lyrical ballad from the quintessential Midwestern musical theatre production of The Music Man: Till There Was You .The final postcard is State Fair. Months of toil and sacrifice are celebrated in the gathering at the State Fair. Reflecting this air of celebration are Aaron Coplands Stomp Your Foot and Morton Goulds Jubilee.

Take a few moments to go through an old picture album or collection of postcards or remembrances from your past and see what memories and emotions they stir. We believe you will find them as interesting and diverse as the cards we have collected.

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