Member Documents

2018 Membership Information (Brochure distributed to interested student and band directors)
Membership Application (Online application required of all auditionees at the beginning of each season)


Medical and Release Form and Physical Form (Required of all contracted members; we MUST have these returned prior to summer tour)


Colts Member Handbook (Also known as the Tour Survival Guide; contains most everything you need to know regarding life on the road)
Colt Cadets Member Handbook


Car Wash Instructions & Pledge Sheet (Collect your donations and turn in your pledge sheet at move in)
Online Car Wash Pledge Sheet


Sponsor Letter - Colts
Sponsor Letter - Colt Cadets
Sponsor Guidelines
Sample Sponsor Letter (This shows a great example of the type of heartfelt message that should accompany your sponsor request. We know this is a great letter because it worked. This member collected nearly 100% of her fees from sponsorships. She also included the Colts summer tour schedule so recipients could get a better understanding of the scope of the program)


Letters From Home Ads (Parents, send a note of encouragement to your member to be included in our Music On The March booklet. Order form, instructions, and samples from prior years are included). You can also click here to submit your Letters From Home request and payment online at the Colts Store.


Colt Cadets Member Handbook
Colt Cadets Parent Handbook
Colt Cadets Handbook Acknowledgement Form


DCI Shoe List


No Retaliation - Whistleblower Process
Personal Conduct Policies