The words of Vincent Van Gogh could not be more appropriately applied than to the fundamental of monthly giving. And the title of Paul Hilaro's Van Gogh-inspired artwork could be an anthem for anyone who's ever marched. Please consider joining this grassroots effort to help sow the seeds for your drum corps to prosper for another 50 years. A gift of $5 or $10 a month goes a long way when you're joined by hundreds of other Colts supporters. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN. And we can then dare to dream beyond the furthest horizon. All donations made to the Colts are tax-deductible.

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Monthly Giving Rewards

Sign up for Colts Monthly Giving and receive A FREE Colts Traditions T-shirt (right). The shirt is printed with black ink on an antique red 100% cotton shirt. THIS SHIRT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO COLTS MONTHLY GIVERS.

You can choose to substitute a Colts Alumni T-shirt available in black type on gray, or white type on a black shirt. CLICK HERE to see the Colts Alumni T-shirt at the Colts Mall.

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The organization's legal name as filed with the IRS is: Legion-Aires Drum & Bugle Corps
EIN: 42-1057444

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