The Bloodline.

The Bloodline represents how each of us fit into this rich history of the Colts. It is our family tree. Since 1963, young people from ages 12 to 21, from Dubuque to Great Britain, to Japan and beyond, learned how "we use music and excellence to teach each other about success in life." We may have experienced the Colts, the Junior Dukes, or the Legion-Aires in different ways. But we all have helped lay the foundation on which the next 50 years will continue to build.

Colts Alumni

Throughout our 50th Anniversary in 2013, we reconnected with many alumni and parents, and we look to connect with many more in the future. And we hope to reconnect the members with each other as well. Please review the Colts Alumni Database on our website to see if you’re listed. While there, check to see if your best friends are listed and help us find any missing members from our past. Do we have your e-mail address and current home address? Click here to update your information in our database!

The Colts Alumni are also on Facebook. Click here to like our Colts Alumni Facebook Page! We encourage you to post a note, check out and post additional photos, and see what's coming up next with your Red Team family.


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