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Colts And Colt Cadets Uniforms Revealed At Camp

December 27, 2012

The Colts had a wonderful turnout at their December camp in spite of the winter storm that moved through the Midwest last Thursday. Those in attendance were witness to a new video by Isaac Campbell and Matt Mulvanny unveiling the new uniforms...followed by a couple of members in the prototypes from Fred J. Miller, Inc.CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube.

We express our sincere appreciation to the Dubuque Racing Association for their $40,000 grant which is making the new uniforms a reality. We still need to fundraise a 25% match to receive the total amount from the DRA. You can dedicate a uniform with a $65 donation to the uniform fund, and a patch with your name will be stitched into a jacket. CLICK HERE to dedicate a uniform.

We are also in the midst of the 50th Anniversary Fund For Excellence campaign which is providing money for Yamaha equipment as well as uniforms, and building a foundation for the summer ahead.

Thank you to all who weathered the storm to make the December camp possible. The next rehearsal weekend for the 2013 Colts is January 11-13 at the Five Flags Center in Dubuque. There are still openings available in all sections!


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2012 Banquet Awards And Recap

November 28, 2012

What a great weekend for the Colts family! Our annual banquet allowed us to recognize members from both corps, and the location of the Five Flags Center in downtown Dubuque was fantastic. If you were unable to be here with us, we wish you could have been to share the experience!

The banquet allowed us to recognize our achievements as well as the outstanding contributions of both members and volunteers. Awards presented for the Colts and the Colt Cadets members were:


Outstanding First Year Members:
Brass - Sydney Covington
Guard - Becca Swick
Percussion - Jamie Haffner

Most Improved Members:
Brass - Dakotah Coach & Billie Lubis
Guard - Hannah Calkins & Alexa Mickelson
Percussion - Matt Stine

Outstanding Section Members:
Brass - Patrick McGehee
Guard - Hillary Hannan
Percussion - Kevin Halvorson

Robert M. Buelow Award (Colt of the Year): Casey Hallahan

Colt Cadets

Outstanding First Year Members:
Brass - Emily Smith
Guard - Paige Murphy & Tess Perkins
Percussion - Michael Hay

Most Improved Members:
Brass - Michael Harrison & Ian Murphy
Guard - Rachel Mennenga
Percussion - Robert Loving III

Outstanding Section Members:
Brass - Jonathan Carpenter & Taylor Guthrie
Guard - Karysa Taylor
Percussion - Maria Russett & Morgan Swearinger

Colt Cadet of the Year: Noah Mennenga

Age out awards were presented to 26 members of the Colts. These individuals and marching years were:
Melissa DaPonte - 1
Samantha Dobson - 1
Silvio Endenberg - 1
Jamie Haffner - 1
Casey Harris - 1
Alex Knowles - 1
Amelia Lamsam - 1
Max Meigel - 1
Dustin Smith - 1
Daniel Spence - 1
Chelsea Stemet - 1
Emily Tunison - 1
John Yeates - 1
Tim Byrnes - 2
Dustin Cather - 2
Jordon Grubbs - 2
Kevin Halvorson - 2
Heather Hanson - 2
Jeanette Krier - 2
Travis Chisholm - 3
Paige Holtan - 3
Adam Nichols - 3
Isaac Campbell - 4
Precious Dela Rosa - 4
Elana Seigel - 4
Hillary Hannan - 6

We will miss their 52 years of combined experience. Congratulations to all age outs!

The Sunday Colts performance was an exciting kick off for the 2013 season. Colt Cadets met on Saturday and the staff gave an overview of the direction of the program for the coming year.

Please send your RSVP for December camp today! Our next rehearsal is December 21-23 in Dubuque. Please let us know your plans for the upcoming year! Colt Cadets will begin rehearsals in February 2013.

Our upcoming year celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Colts organization promises to be exciting and memorable.

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Thank You And Update From Liz Simon

November 27, 2012

My name is Liz Simon. I marched 6 years with the Colt Cadets, and aged out with the Colts in 2009. I want to say to the RED TEAM - you are truly family. I was recently in a car accident that left me severly injured.

Many of my Colts family visited, sent emails, cards and said prayers for my recovery. It means so much to me and to my family that you have been there for us. I wish that I could thank each and every one of you personally. Hold onto that Love, Loyality and Always - Always. HOLD ONTO MORNING.

(dictated to mom, because my right arm is still in a cast)

Liz Simon

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2009 Colts Age Out Hurt In Collision

November 13, 2012

Please keep 2009 Colts color guard age out, Liz Simon, in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers from this horrible accident. We heard from Liz's mother, Donna, that her broken bones and injuries are many but are not considered life-threatening at this time.

CLICK HERE for the news account from KCRG in Cedar Rapids.

We were also told by her mother that once she can be released from the hospital, she will undergo months of recovery at her parents' home in Guttenberg, Iowa. You can send well wishes to: Liz Simon, 33076 Lace Ave., Guttenberg, IA 52052.

Hold on to Morning, Liz. Sending love and thoughts your way!

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Matt Mulvanny Named Colt Cadets Director

November 2, 2012

Matt Mulvanny has been named as Director of the Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps. A Colts alumnus from 2006, Matt has been on staff of the Colt Cadets for the past two seasons, and has taken on increasingly expanded roles. Most Colts fans would be most familiar with his video work throughout the offseason. Matt was a key figure in the marching program for Colt Cadets, and served in a significant brass capacity as well for the past two seasons.

Matt's excitement for the season is unmistakable, "I'm looking forward to working alongside an instructional and design staff that continues to inspire the drum corps community every year. Their dedication to this organization, not to mention its members, is certainly a huge factor in the Colt Cadets' success. Filling the shoes of Vicki (Schaffer) MacFarlane is not a task anybody should take lightly, but with such hard working members, and support from a family of staff that gels so well together, I could not be more enthusiastic about the future of the Colt Cadets."

"I'm not only excited about Matt," said Vicki MacFarlane, Colts Director, "but about the entire team of people he is surrounded by. Matt is the guy to quarterback all the details and people on and off the field, and has the capability of taking Colt Cadets to another level. He has accepted every challenge thrown his way, and is definitely prepared for the job. The biggest thing I'll miss as Colt Cadets Director is spending every day with this great group of people."

CLICK HERE for more information about Matt Mulvanny.

Colt Cadets will begin rehearsals in February. There is no audition requirement and membership is primarily from Dubuque and the tri-state area. More information about joining the Colt Cadets will be posted in January.

(Rehearsals to be held at Jefferson Middle School and Senior High School in Dubuque, IA)

Sunday, Feb 10: 12-2 pm Returning members meet at Colts Camp
Sunday, Feb 17: 1-5pm Open Rehearsal
Sunday, Feb 24: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Sunday, Mar 10: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Sunday, Mar 17: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Sunday, Mar 24: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Sunday, April 14: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Sunday, April 21: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Friday-Sunday, April 26-28: Battery only, 9pm Friday until 4pm Sunday
Sunday, May 5: 1-5 pm Open Rehearsal
Friday-Sunday, May 17-19: Overnight, 9pm Friday until 4pm Sunday

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Colts Board Of Directors Set For The New Year

October 29, 2012

At their October meeting, the Colts Board of Directors elected officers and additional Board members to oversee the organization for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

The new Board President is 1982 Colts age out, Greg Blum. He has been serving on the Board for three years. Along with other duties required of the position, Greg is committed to reengaging the alumni base, which is especially relevant as we enter our 50th anniversary season. Appointed to Vice President was Randy Eichhorn who is nearing two decades of continuous service to the Colts. Bill Howes was reappointed to his position as Treasurer along with Bill Symoniak who will once again serve as Secretary for the coming year.

Bruce Hallahan will provide support as Past President of the Board. "Bruce has been a steadfast leader throughout the past two years and through our transition this fall," said Blum. "On behalf of the Board and the entire organization, I would like to thank Bruce for the dedication and perseverance he gave in his years of leadership."

Others reelected to their positions include Rod Bakke, Gary Dolphin and James Sherry. Three members appointed from the Colts Booster Club Board include Lisa Delaney, Peggy Francomb, and Booster Board President, Mike Wolfe. Board members continuing their current terms are Jeff Eagan, Peter Hansen, Tom Reilly and John Woodin.

The newest member of the Board is Emily Neuendorf. Emily is Executive Director of the Waverly Chamber of Commerce. She was a seven-year member of the Colts and drum major for her final three seasons from 1997-99. With her combination of non-profit management along with her leadership experience within the corps as a marching member, Emily is sure to be a great addition to the group.

Thank you to all who have accepted positions on the Board. And thanks to all have served in the past. Your hours of volunteerism are a great example for our entire Colts family of what it takes to be great.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of the Colts Corporate and Booster Boards along with minutes from the Corporate Board of Directors meetings.

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Marc Sylvester Leads 2013 Colts Design Team

October 17, 2012

The Colts are pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Sylvester as Program Coordinator and Visual Designer. Marc is a member of the DCI Hall of Fame and brings a lifetime of design and coordination experience having worked with The Cadets for many of his 30+ years. He is an innovator within the activity and helped create some of the most imaginative programs in DCI history. Marc joins returning Colts design team members Chris Tomsa (Brass Arranger), David Nelson (Percussion Arranger) and Brandon Smith (Guard Caption Head).

Marc has been teaching and designing visual programs for over 30 years. He began his career under the tutelage of George Zingali at the 27th Lancers. Together they moved to the Garfield Cadets in 1982 where they changed the visual landscape of the drum corps field. Prior to their arrival, the Cadets finished in the bottom half, or just outside, of DCI Finals for a decade. With George and Marc leading their visual program, the Cadets won three DCI World Championships in Marc's first four years with the corps. He joined the Star of Indiana staff for their first two seasons in 1986-87. Marc also worked with the Sky Ryders in 1987 on their popular "West Side Story" production, as well as Suncoast Sound in 1988.

For the past four seasons, Marc has been serving in a similar programming capacity with the Blue Knights. He is also an adjudicator, marching band consultant, and drill designer. His experience includes working with some of the world's finest winter color guards including the Emerald Marquis and Erte, as well as Center Grove HS, Lassiter HS and Braddock HS.

"Marc's experience and success at the highest levels of the marching arts will be tremendous for our program, and most importantly our members," said Vicki MacFarlane, Colts Director. "We are excited to have him contribute to all aspects of our organization."

Chris Tomsa begins his ninth season with the Colts as Brass Arranger. He has written some memorable arrangements and compositions throughout that time, and is especially known for some of the best ballads of the past decade. David Nelson begins his third year with the Colts and his second as Percussion Caption Head and Arranger. Brandon Smith returns for his second year leading the Colts color guard.

"Coming to the Colts on their 50th anniversary season will be a special time for this year's members as well as all those prior," said Sylvester. "I have always followed what was happening out in Iowa, and it will be great to collaborate with their accomplished arrangers and designers. I am also excited to be working hands on with all the returning members of the Colts. This will be an amazing journey!"

The Colts first audition weekend is November 23-25, 2012. Interested students should click the JOIN button on the right side of the page and follow the steps listed. Check back here later in the week for sectional staff announcements along with the audition materials you will need prepared for camp.

MARC SYLVESTER (from his 2001 Hall of Fame induction on the DCI website)
"Those who were fortunate enough to benefit under the tutelage of Marc Sylvester remember his love of performing and the challenges he gave the performers in fast moving, innovative drill. Those who have been fortunate to see Marc Sylvester's shows remember the amazing speed and complexity of design he created on a football field. Beginning his teaching career with the 27th Lancers, Marc started by helping George Zingali put the dots on the paper. Over the years Marc began to develop techniques and mechanics of making the 'wild' ideas of Zingali a reality. Together they moved to The Cadets and continued their collaboration on outstanding drill. Designing and collaborating with Zingali, Marc learned the value of pushing the design concept to the edge and having faith in the performers to accomplish his vision. Marc continues to influence visual design as a consultant of many drum corps, color guards, and high schools. And his passion for the activity has not diminished. You may still find him writing drill, cleaning forms, painting props, or designing flags. He understands the value of entertainment, and clearly understands how important it is to ensure the performers are recognized for their efforts."

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Colts Announce Reorganization

August 30, 2012

Preparing For Next Wave of Growth, Colts Youth Organization Restructures Administrative Staff

The Colts Youth Organization announces the restructuring of their leadership. At its regularly scheduled August meeting held last week in Dubuque, Iowa, the board of directors of the Colts Youth Organization announced a restructuring of its administrative staff.

According to Board President Bruce Hallahan, "This restructuring will harness the depth of our professional management experience in a new way to provide an even stronger foundation for our continued growth in the years ahead. We've been discussing a new organizational model and feel we are ready to implement this change now."

"We have enviable depth, talent and experience in our staff that makes this reorganization possible, and our 50th anniversary season in 2013 provides a tremendous opportunity to generate additional support and awareness," Hallahan said.

Greg Orwoll, who has served the organization as its executive director since 1984, will move to the newly created role of Director of Development, where he will report to the board of directors and be responsible for fundraising and development. This will afford Orwoll the opportunity to focus full-time on resource development while providing a more reasonable workload and time with his new family. "After 28 years of being immersed in the day-to-day operations, this creates a much more manageable existence for me personally and makes resource development a higher priority for the organization, while providing a needed fresh spark for the Colts," said Orwoll.

Expanding her role as Youth Programs Director, which has included directorship of the Colt Cadets, Vicki Schaffer will add the Colts to her responsibilities.

Jeff MacFarlane will become interim Executive Director of the corporation, where he will be responsible for the day-to-day business operations of the organization.

"Vicki and Jeff have a great deal of experience and expertise that will allow them to grow and improve our day-to-day operations, while I will be able to devote all my energy to cultivating new and expanded relationships, support and opportunities in the Dubuque and drum corps community," Orwoll said.

The Colts Drum & Bugle Corps (a non-profit organization) sponsors the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps; Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps; Vocal Fusion, a youth performance ensemble; the Colts Summer Band; and PanRhythmiX and Pandemonium steel drum ensembles. Over 320 young people in grade two through age 21 participated in Colts programs.

The primary objective of the Colts Youth Organization is to provide programs for youth in music, performance and life skills training through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline and the pursuit and achievement of excellence in the performing arts.

Click here for a PDF of the press release.

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Wrapping Up A Great Season!

August 23, 2012

What a season! Welcome back to the 'real world' too! Marching band, school, teaching, studying, working. While we've all gone our different directions we have this common bond we developed and forged with our sweat and determination (and even a little blood once in a while...)... that will hold us together in ways folks who were not with us cannot understand.

Planning for next year is well underway, and here are some dates to note:
First rehearsal and audition weekend is Friday night through Sunday afternoon November 23-25 in Dubuque.
Banquet is a part of the weekend on Friday, November 23 at the Five Flags Center.

We will be doing preliminary scheduling for the summer season the end of September with DCi including the date and line up for our 50th anniversary and Music on the March. A year-end video is in final production now and will be posted here as soon as it is finished.

The Colts alumni Facebook page has a link to our final Colts performance at Lucas Oil. Check it out! Stay tuned and congratulations on a great season!

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Full Crowd In Davenport For Home Show

July 13, 2012

Thursday night the Colts held their home show "Music on the March". Since the traditional stadium for the show is under a major renovation, we partnered with Davenport Central Band Parents to have the show at Brady Street Stadium in Davenport. What a success! The weather was great, 6 corps threw down fantastic shows, and the ticket booth sold out of general admission tickets 10 minutes before show time.

The Colts recognized their 24 age-outs at the end of the show, including 3 members of Teal Sound that joined the Colts in the past three days who are going to age out with us.

The Colts and Colt Cadets, along with the entire audience also gave a standing ovation in recognition of Bob & Mary DeSchepper for all their volunteer help, and for Mary for being recognized as one of DCI's volunteers of the year this year.

The corps are heading to Minneapolis for the big show on Saturday, and then down to "Brass Impact" in Olathe Kansas on Monday July 16th. Advance tickets for "Brass Impact" are available now: http://www.colts.org/brassimpact_kc12.asp

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Summer Band Concert

July 5, 2012

The Colts Summer Band will conclude their summer lesson series with a concert in the pavilion at Eagle Point Park on Thursday, July 5 at 7:30 pm. Directors of the ensemble are Brian Enabnit and Dan Norman. 60 students have participated in the four week program that includes ensemble rehearsals and sectional lessons.

The Colt Cadets will also perform their 2012 production of "Alive!" in standstill following the summer band performance.

There is a small admission fee for park entrance, but the concert is free admission. There are seats provided in the theatre area.

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Documentary On The Colts

June 4, 2012

An independent film company, in cooperation with the Colts, will be traveling with us this summer creating a documentary on the Colts organization! Funding is being provided by a Colts alum and from a series of fundraising events.

View a trailer from the project on the Colts here: The Colts Documentary Trailer

Look for the film crew this summer! They could make you a star!

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Colts Announce 2012 Program

May 6, 2012

The Colts are proud to announce their 2012 program entitled, "Boundaries." CLICK HERE to learn more about the show and view the Colts summer tour schedule.

The Colts begin the 2012 competitive season in Fort Mill, South Carolina before working their way back through the Midwest where they will host three DCI shows in Waukee, Iowa (Celebration In Brass), Davenport, Iowa (Music On The March), and Olathe, Kansas (Brass Impact).

Please join us on Saturday, June 23rd as we host the 2nd Annual Summer Premiere at Loras College in Dubuque. The Summer Premiere will feature the Colts in their only full-field performance in Dubuque in 2012 due to the reconstruction of Dalzell Field at Senior High School. The evening will also include the Colt Cadets, with their 2012 program, "Alive!," and our Pandemonium Steel Drum Ensemble.

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Colt Cadets 2012 Program Comes ALIVE!

April 19, 2012

The Colt Cadets are excited to announce their 2012 program, Alive! The Colt Cadets are coming off their second consecutive year as DCI Open Class Finalists. The design team and instructional staff are hard at work getting the members up to speed on the music and finalizing plans for the show.

The 2012 program is essentially a story of acceptance and belonging that uses the mad scientist plot to deliver the message. CLICK HERE for a detailed description of the show along with the musical repertoire the corps will play to bring this program to life.

Each year, the Colt Cadets are comprised of approximately 80 middle- and high-school students from throughout the U.S. The corps maintains at least a 2/3 local base of members that live in Dubuque and the surrounding tri-state area. The Colt Cadets will appear in 15-16 competitive performances throughout the summer, as well as a number of parades and exhibitions in the Dubuque area.

Their Drum Corps International season begins with a show in Madison, Wisconsin on June 22, followed by an evening in Dubuque with the Colts at their Summer Premiere on June 23 at Loras College.

The Colt Cadets were founded in 1967 and are one of only three corps with a World Class "big brother" in Drum Corps International...the others being in Santa Clara and Concord, California.

For more information on the Colt Cadets, contact Vicki Schaffer, Youth Programs Director, at: colts@colts.org

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