Colt Cadets Tour

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE THIS WORK. Colt Cadets volunteers are the lifeblood of the summer tour. Check your schedule and make plans to get out on tour. We are still looking for help on nearly all days of the summer. Please contact Andy Eaton, Asst. Director, by emailing to get on the schedule. Even a day or two helps! Get more details about how to get involved HERE.

Colt Cadets 2018 Tour Itineraries

Emergency Numbers

Colts Office: 563.582.4872
Andy Eaton (CC Asst. Director): 317.402.3290
Alex Albertson (CC Asst. Director): 843.637.0715
Rich Waddington (CC Tour Director): 515.306.8641

Red indicates local performance
* indicates performance with Colts.

Note: Additional rehearsal dates will be added to the schedule once facilities are scheduled and confirmed.

Date Location Event
Friday, June 8 Dubuque, IA Colt Cadets Move In!
Saturday, June 9 Dubuque, IA Car Wash
Sunday, June 10 Darlington, WI Canoe Fest Parade
Monday, June 11 Livingston, WI Rehearsal
Tuesday, June 12 Livingston, WI Rehearsal
Wednesday, June 13 Livingston, WI Rehearsal and Group Activity
Thursday, June 14 Tri-State Area (TBA) Rehearsal
Friday, June 15 Tri-State Area (TBA) Rehearsal
Saturday, June 16 Tri-State Area (TBA) Rehearsal
Sunday, June 17 Tri-State Area (TBA) Free Day - Father's Day
Monday, June 18 Anamosa, IA Rehearsal and Laundry
Tuesday, June 19 Anamosa, IA Rehearsal
Wednesday, June 20 Anamosa, IA Rehearsal
Thursday, June 21 Anamosa, IA Rehearsal
Friday, June 22 Dubuque, IA Summer Premiere *
Saturday, June 23 Whitewater, WI Competition *
Sunday, June 24 Michigan City, IN Competition *
Monday, June 25 Galva, IL Rehearsal
Tuesday, June 26 Galva, IL Rehearsal
Wednesday, June 27 Clinton, IA Rehearsal
Thursday, June 28 Clinton, IA Rehearsal and Laundry
Friday, June 29 Dubuque, IA Rehearsal
Saturday, June 30 Lisle, IL Competition *
Sunday, July 1 TBA Rehearsal
Monday, July 2 Mankato, MN Competition *
Monday, July 3 Cedarburg, WI Competition
Wednesday, July 4 Chicago Suburbs, IL Parades
Thursday, July 5 Dubuque, IA Summer Band Concert
Friday, July 6 Dubuque, IA Rehearsal
Saturday, July 7 Minneapolis, MN Competition *
Sunday, July 8 Rochester, MN Competition *
Monday, July 9 Moville, IA Rehearsal
Tuesday, July 10 Sioux City, IA Competition *
Wednesday, July 11 Johnston, IA Celebration In Brass *
Thursday, July 12 Dubuque, IA (Washington Middle School) Rehearsal
Friday, July 13 Dubuque, IA Music On The March *
Saturday, July 14 Dubuque, IA Rehearsal
Sunday, July 15 St. Louis, MO Competition *
Monday, July 16 Olathe, KS Brass Impact *
Tuesday, July 17 Travel Return To Dubuque (Stops en route)
Monday, July 23 Independence, IA Rehearsal
Tuesday, July 24 Independence, IA Rehearsal
Wednesday, July 25 Independence, IA Rehearsal
Thursday, July 26 Independence, IA Rehearsal
Friday, July 27 Independence, IA Rehearsal
Saturday, July 28 Independence, IA Rehearsal
Sunday, July 29 Oskaloosa, IA Competition
Monday, July 30 TBA Rehearsal
Tuesday, July 31 Farmington, MN Competition
Wednesday, August 1 East Troy, WI Competition
Thursday, August 2 TBA Rehearsal
Friday, August 3 Cedar Rapids, IA Tournament Of Drums
Saturday, August 4 Metamora, IL Competition
Sunday, August 5 TBA Rehearsal
Monday, August 6 Michigan City, IN DCI Open Class Prelims
Tuesday, August 7 Michigan City, IN DCI Open Class Finals
Wednesday, August 8 Muncie, IN Rehearsal & Banquet
Thursday, August 9 Indianapolis, IN DCI Prelims *
Friday, August 10 Indianapolis, IN DCI Semifinals
Saturday, August 11 Indianapolis, IN DCI Finals
Sunday, August 12 Travel Arrive Dubuque

Mail Drops

Please remember NOT to have anyone send anything via UPS, Federal Express, or any other carrier except the US POSTAL SERVICE. Also, never have anything sent directly to our housing site. The school secretary will think it is the new textbook the teacher ordered, and put it in the school warehouse until fall.

Address all mail as follows:

(Member Name)
MAIN POST OFFICE (except Muncie)

*Use the mail drop location for the last two address lines.

2018 Mail Drop locations will be released prior to summer.

Send something every time! And pass these addresses around to friends and family, too! Anything that arrives late will be automatically forwarded to the next mail drop.

Mail early to be sure. Express Mail can provide guaranteed delivery times in a pinch. Consider Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes for heavier "care packs" although Priority Mail generally does not save time over First Class mail. Packages should be shipped First Class, not Parcel Post.