Colt Cadets Tour

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE THIS WORK. Colt Cadets volunteers are the lifeblood of the summer tour. Check your schedule and make plans to get out on tour. We are still looking for help on nearly all days of the summer. Please contact Andy Eaton, Asst. Director, by emailing to get on the schedule. Even a day or two helps! Get more details about how to get involved HERE.

Emergency Numbers

Colts Office: 563.582.4872
Andy Eaton (CC Asst. Director): 317.402.3290
Alex Albertson (CC Asst. Director): 843.637.0715
Rich Waddington (CC Tour Director): 515.306.8641

Red indicates local performance
* indicates performance with Colts.

Note: Additional rehearsal dates will be added to the schedule once facilities are scheduled and confirmed.

Date Location Event

Mail Drops

Please remember to NEVER send anything directly to a housing site. The school secretary will think it is the new textbook the teacher ordered, and put it in the school warehouse until fall. Please also only use our pre-scheduled mail drop locations. Do not send mail to the post office in a town we will be passing through. We don't have the time to go pick it up on tour. Typically, everything MUST be sent via United States Postal Service. Do NOT send anything via UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier unless we specifically say it is acceptable.

Mail drop information will be available closer to the start of summer!