Moving Pictures

The Colts are on the move! The Colts will be moving from 1101 Central Avenue to 2300 Twin Valley Drive in the Key West area of Dubuque. Below are some pictures of the demolition, moving and construction phases. Thank you to all parents, volunteers, members, staff, and alumni who have helped in the moving process!
It couldn't happen without you!

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Updates From April 2017

First stage of painting: edging around the corners, outlets, and windows.

Starting to paint in the upstairs offices.

A bright, sunny yellow for the upstairs bathroom.

After the painting comes the flooring!

Doors have been hung and trim has been installed.

Every office will have one wall of corrugated steel. We've finished half of one wall so far in the downstairs office!

The backsplash in the breakroom will be tiled and the counter top should be in soon!

The window in the upstairs offices has been installed!

Inside the upstairs bathroom. Ready to hook up the sink!

Updates From March 2017

This pine trim will be installed around the offices and around the doors.

Taping, mudding, and priming is done in the upstairs offices.

Taping, mudding, and priming is done in the upstairs offices.

Taping, mudding, and priming is done in the breakroom.

Taping, mudding, and priming is done in the downstairs offices.

Taping, mudding, and priming is done in the entryway. The wall on the right will be all corrugated steel and will be one of the last pieces to go in.

Updates From February 2017

Step one for this month's project: Installing insulation.

The first piece of ceiling drywall is up!

Ceiling is done, and good work started on the walls.

This drywall lift saved us a lot of time - it hoists the pieces up to the ceiling and holds them there while they're being screwed in.

The opening at the top will have a window set in to allow more light into the upstairs offices.

One wall in every room will be covered in corrugated steel to keep up the industrial aesthetic. The corrugated steel will be one of the last pieces of the puzzle to go in.

Hallway leading to the downstairs office and bathroom.

How many people does it take to hang a piece of drywall 15 feet in the air? About five.

Trimming down some of the final pieces of drywall.

Upstairs offices are done!

Downstairs offices are done!

Breakroom is done!

Updates From January 2017

The loading dock is cleared! All the nails have been pulled from all the boards.

The old firehouse wood is neatly stacked and de-nailed. We'll use this to create various desks and tables for the new offices.

Downstairs framing is done in the breakroom, complete with new plumbing in the floor.

The stud walls around the entry way are complete. Ready for drywall!

The downstairs bathroom is ready for drywall.

New furance and an open spot for the water heater. Both of these will be enclosed in a closet with a sliding pocket door.

Updates From November 2016

Cutting out the concrete in the basement to re-plumb and re-buld the bathroom.

Framing around the entry area. A window will be put in the top of the wall.

New wall in the upstairs office! On the left will be Vicki's office. On the right will be a storage closet and an ADA accessible bathroom.

Making some good progress on the pile of firehouse wood! This wood will be used to make the board room table and several desks. All of the wood was donated from a remodel project in Davenport and was orinigally part of the first firehouse west of the Mississippi.

Framing around the upstairs bathroom. At the end of construction, the door will be widened so that it is ADA accessible.

Beginning to build the framing for the board room.

Two of the four walls done....

All done!

These doors are made out of the old firehouse wood we've been pulling nails from. A solid sheet of metal will be added to the back to keep up with the industrial look of the building. They will be hung on sliding tracks built by Leatherneck hardware and be used as doors into the archives closet inside the board room. They will slide open, similar to how barn doors open. Thanks to Jim Hauser for building these for us! The board room table and Vicki's desks will also be made using the same process.


Updates From October 2016

Working on removing the loft from the warehouse.

Jeff's office cleaned out!

Copy room cleaned out!

Work continues on removing the loft from the warehouse.

Work continues on removing the loft from the warehouse.

The loft is gone!

Demo continues on the upstairs offices. The bathroom upstairs will be redone to be ADA accessable.

The new entry stair case is done!

The new entry stair case is done!


Updates From September 2016

Demolition on what will become the board room.

An old sign from Music on the March is very appropriate for our new building, where we will be able to park our entire fleet of vehciles on-site.

These shelves will hold sewing equipment and souvie flag supplies.

It takes four to build these shelves, but once they're built they'll be incredibly sturdy! And, they're 20 feet tall!

These shelves will hold all of our souvie merchandise.

The back wall of the warehouse is filled with shelves!

The old bingo hall is almost completely empty. The left over tables and chairs will be used by the Winter Farmer's Market.

The old store room has been emptied and cleaned!

Almost everything has been moved out of the old Colts Center. Once the office area is complete, almost everything on the warehouse floor right now will be moved to its permamnent location.