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Corporate Board

The Colts Youth Organization (a nonprofit corporation) sponsors the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps; Colt Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps; Colts Summer Band; and PanrhythmiX and Pandemonium Steel Drum Ensembles.

The primary objective of the Colts Youth Organization is to provide programs for youth in music, performance and life skills training through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline and the pursuit and achievement of excellence in the performing arts.

Associated objectives are:

To preserve and build on the great tradition of the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps as a nationally known and ranked touring drum and bugle corps that has grown since 1963.

To appropriately represent Dubuque, Dubuque County, and the United States and the drum and bugle corps activity worldwide.

To support music and performance arts education in Dubuque and the State of Iowa, to stimulate interest in the study of music and the drum and bugle corps activity.

The Board of Directors consists of 12-18 voting members and the Executive Director (ex-officio) with members serving staggered three-year terms. Three members from the Colts Booster Club, Inc. are appointed to the Corporation Board.

Current Board Members are:

Peter Hansen, President
Jim Johnson*, Vice President
Bill Howes, Treasurer
Bill Symoniak, Secretary
Greg Blum*, Past President
Rod Bakke
Jeff Barnwell (appointed from Booster Board)
Jenn Broghammer (appointed from Booster Board)
Lisa Delaney
Jeff Eagan
Randy Eichhorn
Bruce Hallahan
Marika Jones
Gary Metzger
J.J. Miller*
Tom Reilly
Jake Rios
Cathi Roberts
Jeff MacFarlane*, Executive Director (ex officio)

* denotes Colts Alumni
Click Here for a listing of the Colts administrative staff.

Corporate Board Meetings

The Colts Corporation Board of Directors meets monthly, generally in conjunction with weekend camps, and holds an annual meeting each fall to elect new directors and appoint officers for the coming year. Meeting minutes from past board meetings are available upon request by sending an EMAIL to Jeff MacFarlane, Colts Executive Director.

Booster Board

The Drum Corps Parent & Booster Club was formed on November 16, 1966. It was renamed Colts Booster Club, Inc. on October 17, 1996.

The main purpose of the Colts Booster Club, Inc. (a nonprofit organization) is to support the Colts Youth Organization through local fundraising events and volunteerism. Main fundraising events include the annual Colts Car Wash, and the Booster Club provides many volunteers for our home show, Music On The March.

Board members are elected to a three-year term with three board members elected each year.

Current Booster Board Members are:
Jeff Barnwell, President
Brent Smith, Vice President
Jenn Broghammer, Treasurer
Crystal Ahmann, Secretary
Tami Barnwell
Terry Delaney
Randy Eichhorn (appointed from Corporate Board)
Dave Errthum
Dean Goninen
Caleb Goodness*
Jim Hauser
Steffany King
Jon Ziegenfuss
Jeff MacFarlane*, Executive Director (ex officio)

* denotes Colts Alumni

Alumni Association :: The Bloodline
Junior Dukes | Legionaires | Colt .45 | Colts

The Bloodline represents how each of us fits into this rich history of the Colts. It is our family tree. Since 1963, young people from ages 12 to 21, from Dubuque to Great Britain, to Japan and beyond, learned how "we use music and excellence to teach each other about success in life." We may have experienced the Colts, the Junior Dukes, or the Legionaires in different ways. But we all have helped lay the foundation on which the next 50 years will continue to build.

Throughout our 50th Anniversary in 2013, we reconnected with many alumni and parents, and we look to connect with many more in the future. And we hope to reconnect the members with each other as well. Please review the Colts Alumni listing on our website to see if you’re listed (CLICK HERE). While there, check to see if your best friends are listed and help us find any missing members from our past. Do we have your e-mail address and current home address? Thank you for your continued support!

Become a member of the Alumni Monthly Giver Program. For just a few dollars each month, you can become a major contributor to the future success of the Colts. The monthly program will provide more consistent income while giving you an opportunity to spread out your gift with automatic deductions from your Visa, MasterCard or Discover account each month. CLICK HERE to become an Alumni Monthly Giver. Make your first payment online and indicate in the Comments box when you check out that this is an alumni gift that you would like deducted on the 1st of each month from your account.

The Colts Alumni are also on Facebook. CLICK HERE to go to the Facebook page and post a note, check out and post additional photos, and see what's coming up next with your Red Team family.

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