Schedule Changes For Colts December Camp

December 16, 2016

Due to the uncommonly cold temperatures expected to roll into the Midwest Saturday night through Sunday morning, camp will be ending early this weekend. This will give those driving the most amount of daylight and allow those flying to have plenty of time to travel to airports. As always, the safety of our students, parents, volunteers, and staff is the most important.

The weekend so far has been a success and there has been an incredible amount of learning and progress at the December Camp. In the interest of time, there will be no final performance at the end of the camp. Parents and families interested in watching their student perform as a part of the Colts are encouraged to come to any of the rehearsals tomorrow morning. When you arrive at the school tomorrow morning, staff at the check-in table in the cafeteria will be able to direct you to the rehearsal areas in the school. All rehearsals are open and will be taking place at Roosevelt Middle School in Dubuque. Souvenirs will also be available for sale throughout the morning in the cafeteria.

A schedule for Sunday morning is below:

7:30 am - Wake, eat, pack sleeping materials and move to hallway
8:30 am - All corps stretch
9:00 am - Sectionals
10:40 am - Visual Rehearsal for Brass; Guard and Percussion continue Sectionals
12:00 pm - Final announcements, load trucks, sack lunch available to take on departure
1:00 pm - Dismissal

We ask that all students help load and clean the building so that everything goes quickly and efficiently. Many hands make light work!

If there are any questions or concerns with travel plans, please do not hesitate to reach out. Emergency numbers are listed below and full contact information can be found HERE.

Emergency Numbers:
Vicki MacFarlane, Colts Director, 563-564-9016
Jason Schubert, Colts Tour Director, 630-666-7489
David Alford, Colt Cadets Director, 773-308-6710
Jeff MacFarlane, Colts CEO, 563-599-8553

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